Persimmon Hollow Brewing in Downtown Orlando

(Persimmon’s exterior.)

“Persimmon Hollow Brewing became a place to gather for fun, a place to escape the pressures of life, a place for all people to feel welcomed, and a place to gather to give back to the community through educational and environmental causes.” – Persimmon Hollow’s website

Originating in nearby Deland and with a few locations spread throughout Florida, Persimmon Hollow Brewing has locally been taking up shop in downtown Orlando for a couple of years now. Ideally located in the bottom of the Eõ Inn in the prior home of Panera Bread, this brewery/restaurant is the perfect place to meet up with some friends, grab a bite to eat and a cold brew.

We’ve been a few times to have drinks but have never been to eat, and so we recently decided to meet up with a friend to do just that…and play a little trivia. More on that later! Once you find a place to park in this popular downtown spot (there is street parking if your parking angel is with you during your visit, or there are nearby garages), head in to the cool, fairly quaint, open-concept space to grab a seat.

(Persimmon’s interior.)

When it comes to the food at Persimmons is quite interesting. It’s not your normal offerings like other breweries or similar restaurants. It’s somewhat healthy, actually, and most of the dishes have some sort of little twist to them. Items like The Juxtaposition flatbread which consists of fig preserves and goat cheese and the Get Wired burger which is BBQ glazed with a jalapeno pepper jack cheese spread. We’re quite interested in checking out the Nacho Buddy, PAL which is topped with “beyond chili” among other things. Our dining companion and us both decided to give the Eola burger a try. Only the beyond patty rather than the beef. But we each decided to try it served up a little differently. Our dining mate opted for the burger with the mac and cheese as a side, while we went with mac and cheese on top. Both were very, very tasty.

(They Beyond Eola Burger.)
(The Beyond Eola Burger.)

Look appetizing? There are a few other dishes you might want to check out by viewing the Persimmon Hollow menu.

As for the drink — well, Persimmon’s has it a-plenty. It is a brewery, after all! IPAs, ciders, and sours. So, so many delicious beers on tap and canned. They also offer non-alcoholic beers for those who aren’t into the real thing.

Here are a handful of pics we borrowed from Persimmon’s IG to give a little more insight about the food and beverages they offer:

Like we mentioned earlier on the evening we visited for dinner there was also trivia happening. We killed it, but it wasn’t enough to win (there was some really tough competition). Persimmon actually has a variety of events throughout the month, trivia and drag bingo included. For a full list of upcoming events click here.

Also, when you have a few spare moments, take a look at Persimmon’s “About Us” page. Their values are really cool and meaningful, and just make this place that much cooler and worth patronizing.Location deets:

Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co.
227 North Eola Drive
Orlando, FL 32801

Have you ever dropped in to Persimmon’s for a meal, cold beer, or even just trivia?

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