La Granja Brasas Grille in Winter Park

(*La Granja Brasas Grille exterior.)

For some reason we’ve been wanting to check out La Granja Brasas Grille in Winter Park for quite some time. We’re in the area frequently and pass it all the time, and it seems like it’s this little place that probably continuously gets overlooked but has the most amazing food. Well, we finally recently decided to pop in and give it a try…and that assumption could not be any further from the truth.

Located almost on the corner of Semoran Boulevard and Aloma, and situated right next to Habaneros Mexican Grill, this place–or at least our experience here–is not good. After finding a place to park and heading inside, the first stop was to the bathroom. It was not clean, folks. Not clean at all. This should have been the first indication to turn around and head out. But we decided, instead, to go ahead and stick around and give it the benefit of the doubt.

The interior wasn’t so bad. Is that a positive outlook? The dine-in area is fairly small, and we were going to get our food to go anyhow. There’s not too much to it as it relates to personality. This is a walk-up and order type of eatery, and then once the order is ready the customer goes up to the counter and grabs it.

As far as food options there are a ton! We went with one of the platters found under the “Steak Platters” section of the menu: The ½ lb Grilled Steak w/Shrimps & Scallops served with two sides. We’re not fans of scallops at all so we just had those omitted (no offer from the person behind the counter to swap them out with another item).

(½ lb Grilled Steak w/Shrimps & Scallops platter.)

The dish was overall bland and without much flavor. Across the board. Most particularly the steak. It was also on the dry side. The shrimp held up a little better, but still could have used much more seasoning. The vegetables were pretty much there for show? Is this standard of Peruvian cuisine? For everything else this place has to offer you can check out the extensive La Granja menu.

We don’t know, guys. We love keeping things on the positive side when it relates to our own experiences–particularly when it comes to small, local businesses–but the one we had here at this Peruvian quick-service restaurant (with locations sprinkled throughout the state of Florida) was very, very underwhelming. It’s safe to say there was probably a reason we kept driving by this place time-and-time again and not pulling in. And it’s highly unlikely we’ll be returning for a second visit.

Location deets:

La Granja Brasas Grille
490 North Semoran Blvd.
Winter Park, FL 32792

What about you? Have you ever had your own dining experience at La Granja Brasas Grille? If so, we would love to hear about how yours went.

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