Donato’s Pizza

(Donatos Winter Park exterior.)

You can never have too much pizza. We can never have too much pizza. If yo’ve followed us here for any significant length of time you know we talk about our affection of this food time and time again. And you can never have too many pizza options, right? There are most definitely many to choose from here in the Central Florida area. Some locally owned; some chains. Some good and some bad. But one of our very favorites and often go-tos when we’re craving a delicious pizza is Donatos Pizza.

While Donatos has restaurants sprinkled all throughout the United States, the only location in the Central Florida area is in Winter Park (and there are only a total of four in Florida to boot).Tucked into the very same shopping center as some of our other favorite places to grab some yummy grub–Brooklyn Water Bagel and Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant–just off of Goldenrod Road, Donatos is a super option when you’re craving a nice pie…or the like.

(The Pepperoni Half & Half, or Create Your Own.)

Now as you may know we’re pretty basic when it comes to pizza. Nothing fancy, nothing terribly experimental (unless we’re talking about Pizza Bruno; that’s an entirely different ballgame). Pepperoni or even plain cheese is quite fine with us. Noted:So what’s so different or sets Donatos apart from other pizza places? Candidly, nothing. It’s pizza. It’s really, really good pizza, but there are many really good pizza joints across Central Florida. But this one happens to be convenient to a place we frequent often, the pepperoni is always cooked to perfection–or, at least the way we like it–and the cheese-to-sauce ratio is on point (which is key to our palate). We also really like the quality and consistency of the crust — it’s not too bulky and has never been tough or overcooked. If you’re a little more daring than we, though, and willing to step out of the oven there are a handful of options to try off the menu. Pies like:

  • “Hot Chicken” – Crispy hot chicken, smoked Provolone, pepper jack, jalapeño peppers, Romano, finished with dill pickles and a Ranch drizzle. Most definitely something we would never give a try.
  • “Mariachi Chicken” – Sliced chicken breast, freshly cut Roma tomatoes and jalapeño peppers, smoked Provolone, mariachi spice and a side of sour cream. This would be a no-go for us as well.
  • “Cauliflower Bruschetta” – 10″ cauliflower crust, tomato bruschetta, red sauce, smoked Provolone, Romano, freshly cut green peppers and onions, spinach and plant-based sausage. This one sounds pretty good…although cooked spinach is not really our thing.
  • “Hawaiian” – Shaved ham, pineapple, sliced almonds, cinnamon, smoked Provolone. That would be a no-go for us as well. Pineapple on pizza? Have never quite understood it.

How ’bout those for some choices? Any of those you’d give a shot?

But Donatos isn’t just pizza, ya see. They also offer customers subs & calzones (we’ve had both the ham & cheese and meatball subs, and each are equally as tasty…the bread always baked to perfection), wings (the dry rubbed wings are a great choice, although we can’t say they’re the best in town!), salads (the Caprese Side Salad looks appealing), and even desserts (ummm – that cinnamon pie looks to die for).

Here are a few fancy pics we snagged from the Donatos Instagram, all of which we’ve tried:

Location deets:

Donato’s Pizza
4058 North Goldenrod Road
Winter Park, FL 32792

Have you ever snagged a pizza–or other items–from Donato’s?


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