The Osprey in Baldwin Park

If you’ve never been to The Osprey in charming Baldwin Park you’re missing out on a real treat. Having cemented it’s home about seven years ago in the downtown area, The Osprey is at its core a seafood dining experience. There are, however, items on The Osprey’s menu that cater to those non-seafood lovers: Salads, wings, and ribeye to name just a few.

Once you’ve found a place to park and make your way inside the restaurant–known as modern coastal cuisine, and owned by the same owners as Seito Sushi directly across the street–you’ll find a refined yet welcoming interior. The space is actually quite large, with two of the centerpieces being a large bar in the center of it all and an open-concept kitchen toward the back.

On this visit, immediately after being seated in a comfy booth we and our dining companion ordered a couple of appetizers for the table — delicious Shrimp Cocktail and Crispy Cauliflower.

There’re a total of five shrimp with this dish but they are very ample in size and totally fresh and tasty. And the cauliflower is drool-worthy…with the perfect amount of spice to complement the vegetable.

Entering on in to the main dishes–which are located on the “Entree” section of The Osprey’s menu–our dining companion ordered the Caesar Salad as their meal…and a meal it was. This thing was huge! So big, in fact, the table sorta shared it together throughout the evening. Now mind you — this was also after being paired with that shrimp cocktail we featured earlier on.

(Caesar Salad.)Next up was our dish: The Local Catch. Now, we’re not generally big fish eaters. Never have been. But as of late have been attempting to be a little more adventurous in this area when we’ve been eating out. The server highly recommended this special feature, with it being swordfish.

(Florida Local Catch.)

It was so delicious and may have just officially made us fans of fish. Well, swordfish anyway. This dish is accompanied by forbidden black rice (yum!), florida corn, green garlic agrodolce (Google says that’s somewhere between a sauce and a condiment), and cashew cream. All blended together it was simply wonderful. Definitely a highly-recommended plate (if you can catch it)!

PRO TIP: If you’re really into oysters, The Osprey has a 1/2 off “happy hour” Tuesday through Thursday.

One thing we didn’t get around to on this visit but definitely plan on keeping room for in the future is one of The Osprey’s yummy desserts. There aren’t many to choose from but all look quite amazing. One, in particular, we’ve got our eye on is the Chocolate Budino: Pistachio, mint chocolate chip ice cream. Noms….

Hungry yet?

Location deets:

The Osprey
4899 New Broad Street
Orlando, FL 32814

Have you ever had a meal at The Osprey? If so, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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