Black Bean Deli Cuban Food

(Mills 50 exterior.)

Time to talk about one of our all-time fave places to grab some yummy Cuban food (hey – if there are other recommendations in the Central Florida area we’re all ears!): Black Bean Deli. Black Bean’s original location was a tiny little spot on North Mills, just down the street from Winter Park Village. They have since expanded into two locations – one in Winter Park (where the old Winnie’s was, RIP) and Colonial Drive just down from Orlando Fashion Square (they’re technically saying it’s in the Mills 50 District).

We tend to frequent the Mills 50 location simply because it’s located more conveniently to where we live, but candidly prefer the charming interior of the Winter Park location:

The interiors for both locations are certainly very similar; you’d know they are under the same ownership, for sure. The Mills 50 restaurant most definitely used to be a car garage – although we can’t recall back to when that was. As mentioned earlier, the Winter Park place used to be a Chinese restaurant. They’re both probably about the same size with regard to indoor seating. The Mills 50 location has ample outdoor seating options with about eight large tables.

Now let’s get on to the delicious food. One of our go-to dishes is the Spanish Baked Chicken / White. The chicken breast is cooked perfectly every single time, and comes with a side of rice and beans, a salad (madly addicted to the dressing which is similar to a Green Goddess), and plantains. We’re not fans of plantains at all in life so we usually have that swapped out with a double order of the rice and beans (always appreciate the accommodations!).

(Spanish Baked Chicken / White.)

We also really, really enjoy the companion dish here, which is the Dark Spanish Baked Chicken, which is comprised of a leg and a thigh. Both the white and dark meats are marinated in an unforgettable garlic mojo spice.

Even though there are several other options on the “everyday menu,” and a slew of sandwich options, we really haven’t ventured too far outside of our favorites mentioned here. The Picadillo would actually be pretty appealing but raisins?!?! Ick…. We’re also really, really interested in the Cuban Frita Burger which is made up of chorizo, beef, pork, crispy potatoes, frita sauce, onion. How tasty does that sound?

There are a couple of honorary mentions that are must-trys on a visit to Black Bean Deli. The Empanadas…any of them (picadillo, ropa vieja, chicken, vegan). The dough is so perfectly crusty and the insides are exploding with flavor. Best enjoyed while hot!

(Ropa Vieja empanadas. Photo courtesy of Black Bean Deli’s Instagram.)

The Ropa Vieja, which is usually only on special, is mouth-watering and something not to be missed if you can catch it.

(Ropa Vieja dish. Photo courtesy of Black Bean Deli’s Instagram.)

PRO TIP: The Mills 50 location is closed on Mondays, and the Winter Park location is closed for business on Sundays.
BONUS PRO TIP: You must try the cuban bread during your visit. Pressed with butter, you won’t regret it one bit. Noms….

Despite the number of times we’ve been to Black Bean Deli we’ve never tried any of their desserts…which actually look delicious. We just may have to do that on our next visit and update the post.

Location deets:

Black Bean Deli

Orlando/Mills 50:

1835 E. Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

Winter Park:

1346 N. Orange Aveue
Winter Park, FL 32789

In addition to the two locations above, Black Bean Deli also offers catering for special events and occasions.

Have you ever eaten at either of the Black Bean Deli locations? If so, what’s your favorite dish?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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