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We are ever constantly talking about Central Florida’s little hidden gems here…particularly when it comes to food. And quite honestly, many times they’re not even really that hidden they’re just places you may have never heard about, or possibly even pass every day but have never really noticed they’re there. But it is both our mission and our pleasure to unveil them and make them a part of your lives.

One such “gem” is 903 Mills Market, located just north of the booming The Hourglass District and in the heart of one of our very favorite Orlando neighborhoods – Delaney Park. And one of the things we love most about 903–aside from the delicious food and wide assortment of beers–is the “local neighborhood feel” on which they pride themselves:

“Here at 903 Mills we strive to be more than just a restaurant. We’re your lazy Sunday afternoon, your last minute breakfast when you’re late for work, or the home cooked meal when the oven is on the fritz. We are your neighbors. Seriously, most of us live right around the corner.” – 903MillsMarketCafe.com

In addition to the extensive food menu 903–which not only features a myriad of sandwiches and wraps but also breakfast items and even smoothies–also offers a huge variety of beers – both to drink on-site and to take home.

The interior of 903 is quite tiny. There is typically in-room dining but we’ve noticed during COVID customers are only allowed to dine on the outdoor patio (which is fairly large).

As mentioned earlier in the post, 903 is most notably known and appreciated for their diverse option of sammies. Many of them are traditional sandwiches with some sort of little twist on it. For example, guests will find a sandwich named Grateful Bread which is described as “Thanksgiving dinner in your hand.” It’s made up of roasted turkey, bleu cheese stuffing, red onions, and our famous cranberry aioli on fresh multi-grain wheat. It’s a little too fancy schmancy for our taste but we know it’s a fan favorite for many.


So here’s what we know and can share based on our many, many visits to 903 Mills Market. With all of those items to pick from the menu we’ve never really strayed too far from our go-to faves. We need to explore a little more in the future….

Full Monte Cristo
Now you may be familiar with a Monte Cristo sandwich but you haven’t truly had one until you’ve had the one at 903. This hot ham and turkey sammie comes garnished with swiss cheese, white american cheese and cranberry aioli. Served on french toast and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It’s actually large enough to save half for another meal (not that we always have!).

The sandwich is grilled perfectly every time, and quite filling.

A few other sammies on the menu we either love or are eager to try:

  • Magic Three Pointer. This is another one of our go-to’s, for sure, and is so delicious. The meat is always fresh and the red onions provide the perfect kick. It consists of ham, roast beef, turkey, bacon, swiss, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, mayo, and mustard layered between three pieces of rye bread.
  • Crazy Bird. Hot turkey and bacon smothered in melted cheddar. Topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo on fresh sourdough bread.
  • Grilled Cheese. Made with your choice of three cheeses, a protein, bread, and condiments.
  • Philly. Hot roast beef, onions, peppers, melted provolone, and mayo on a toasted roll.

And this flatbread looks to be quite tasty: Thai Chicken.  Made up of chicken, red cabbage, carrots, red onions, and cheddar with a thai peanut sauce, it’s sure to be much like one of our favorite wraps…the Thai Chicken Wrap.

Hungry now? Then we’ve done our job. Check out the full 903 Mills Market menu.

FUN FACT: 903 Mills Market is open for business every day until 9:03pm. 😏 We love it when businesses add a fun little touch to their operation.

Location deets:
903 Mills Market
903 South Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806

Do you know where 903 Mills Market is located? Have you ever stopped in for one of their delicious menu items?

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