Mamak Asian Street Food in Mills 50 District

It might be shocking to learn we’ve only recently gotten around to checking out Mamak Asian Street Food for the very first time. Located in the Mills 50 District, we have been wanting to try it out since it first arrived on the food scene about eight years ago.

“The concept’s namesake, pronounced “Mah-Mahk,” comes from the term for a street vendor or food stall – mostly in Southeast Asia. These stalls are owned and operated by Chefs putting their own spin on traditional recipes. The Lo Family built Mamak upon this idea and brought their homegrown recipes to the table, many of which came straight from their own parents.” – Mamak website

While there is not a dedicated lot for parking, you might get lucky enough to find a spot out front on Colonial Drive, or there are spaces located behind the restaurant strip.

(Mamak exterior.)

Once inside you’ll find a chic, well-lit, colorful dining room. Not terribly large but enough to hold a decent amount of customers. There’s a lovely bar situated in the very back of the restaurant, and the center is basically split in half with a long table directly down the middle. Almost like a really long picnic table with benches. Our dining companion and us decided on one of the exterior tables, one side of which is hugged by booths.

(Mamak’s interior.)

Now we get on to the food! And can we just say the food here is ah-may-zing. Most certainly well-worth the years-and-years wait.

The Mamak menu is definitely quite extensive. It’s easy to spend a bit of time looking it over and deciding what to order. So here’s what we recommend: Pick an app or two to enjoy while perusing the menu. To start off we ordered a couple for the table: Pot Stickers and edamame. Not terribly adventurous, by any means, but both were incredibly delicious.

Pot Stickers
Five chicken potstickers served with a side of spicy brown sauce. Yum! We went with the pan-seared version of this appetizer, and all were browned to perfection, oozing with flavor…and presumably love!

The Edamame was pretty standard to any you’d find at any other restaurant. That said, it was still delicious and the perfect amount of flavor. Some edamame can be dry and need a little salt (at least, we prefer ours salty) but this was not the case with Mamak’s soy beans. Definitely recommend!

Basil Fried Rice
The Basil Fried Rice is made up of thai basil infused fried rice, wok-fried with basil, eggs and onions. We were feeling a little fancy on this visit so we decided to throw in a little shrimp as an extra umph!

Prawn Mee
The Prawn Mee dish is Penang’s most popular, egg noodles, with shrimp, chicken, hard-boiled egg, bean sprouts, and yow choy in a spicy prawn broth, topped with fried shallots
A few things we’re highly interested in checking out on a future visit–and yes, there will be many:

  • The Roti Canai. Found on the “tapas” section of Mamak’s menu, we love, love, love roti (one of our all-time favorites is at Hawker’s Asian Street Food). If you’re unfamiliar, the roti is malaysian flat bread, toasted til golden brown, crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside, served with our signature spicy coconut kari gravy.
  • Lettuce Wraps: Also located on the “tapas” area of the menu, these lettuce wraps–although simple in description–sound amazing. Made up of stir-fried shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts, carrots, tofu bean curds, garlic, ginger, and your choice of protein, on a bed of rice sticks, garnished with scallions. Definitely looking forward to checking these bad boys out.
  • Indian Mee Goreng: This “From The Wok” item is mouth-watering just sitting on the page. Penang’s signature dish, egg noodles, with shrimp, fried tofu, potatoes, bean sprouts, onions, carrots, and scallions, wok-fried in a sweet brown chili sauce, topped with roasted peanuts and a lime.
  • Maggie Goreng: Ramen noodles, with shrimp, chicken, eggs, scallions, and bean sprouts, wok-fried in a brown sauce. Who doesn’t love a good ramen dish?
  • Spicy Potato Tots: Potato tots fried til golden brown, fluffy interior with crunchy exterior, topped with sriracha aioli and scallions. After all – we’ve never met a potato we didn’t like.

Those are just a handful of dishes we’re eager to try. Which ones are you salivating over?

Location deets:

Mamak Asian Street Food
1231 E Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL. 32803

Have you ever had a meal at Mamak? What was your experience?

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