Beefy King Roast Beef Sandwiches & More

Beefy King has been around the Central Florida area since 1968 and is unarguably a bonafide treasure. So much that it’s even seen the likes of Jimmy Fallon paying a visit during an appearance in the Orlando area back in 2013. The sign pointing patrons and nearby drivers by to the building is fun and quite retro – it’s like a moment from its era frozen in time.

(Beefy King exterior.)

Speaking of the building, it has a fun and retro look and appeal as well. Situated just next to the Drunken Monkey on Bumby Drive, it’s tiny but welcoming. You’ll definitely feel the same once you enter inside. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

(Beefy King exterior.)

Beefy King does have a drive-thru service if you’re opting for something quicker than going inside or in-room dining. And don’t take this as a guarantee but we do mean quick – the drive-thru service is typically very fast…moving customers in and out in minutes. The one drawback about this is the dedicated parking for Beefy King is already small, so if there’s a long line for the drive-thru it can actually cause a bottleneck for both this line as well as those trying to get in and out of the parking lot.

(Beefy King drive-thru menu board.)

If you do choose to either order inside or dine-in, you’ll find a tiny dining area and walk-up counter. The staff are always friendly and the service is quick!

(Beefy King indoor order area.)
(Beefy King indoor order area.)

Ok, now on to the good stuff: The food. That’s why we go to Beefy King anyway, right? The Beefy King menu is filled with delicious options but we definitely have a couple of favorite go-to items. The absolute favorite has got to be the ham & barbecue pork combination sandwich. It’s juicy, savory, flavorful and gigantic (particularly if you opt-in for the “x-large” portion).

In the years since we’ve been eating at Beefy King we’ve also had a simple roast beef sandwich–which is classic and the meat is perfectly flavored and not dry–as well as a ham & turkey combination sammy. Definitely on the top of our list of favorites. Side note: Beefy King recently overcame a pretty big fire at their establishment. We along with so many others in the Central Florida community are so thankful they were able to recover.

PRO TIP: You’re not having the full Beefy King experience if you don’t grab an order of the “spuds” (aka, tater tots). They are very, very yummy and never dry.

(Beefy King’s “spuds.”)

If you’ve never been to Beefy King or you’re a creature of habit (ahem, like us), you can visit their website for the full Beefy King menu.

Location deets:
Beefy King
424 N Bumby Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803

What say you? Have you ever had the experience of Beefy King?

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