Reyes Mezcaleria in North Quarter Downtown Orlando

(Reyes exterior.)

Reyes Mezcaleria has been around for several years now. Founded in 2017 by local restaurateurs Jason and Sue Chin–who also own and operate The Osprey and Seito Sushi in Baldwin Park–Reyes found their current home when they took over the location formerly occupied by Citrus (remember this?!) for many many years.

Now, we have a few friends who don’t actually think Reyes is “all that.” And we can agree they may not necessarily be the bees knees when it comes to Mexican food in Central Florida, but they’re still pretty darn tasty and are well-deserved to have a place in the Central Florida cuisine scene. Doesn’t hurt, either, that the interior has a really cool atmosphere (much more appealing than Citrus, in our opinion). Here’s a look around, via some images we s̶t̶o̶l̶e̶ borrowed from the Reyes Mezcalaria website:

The Reyes menus (they’re open for brunch, lunch, dinner, and happy hour) are quite interesting. We can tell you in the few times we’ve been to visit we’ve had: The chips & salsa (back in the early days, the chips were actually peppered with sugar; they don’t do that any longer); the Elote (which is one of our very favorite items); the Esquites; and the Campechano tacos (beef brisket, pork longinana, charred tomato salsa, and fresh cilantro). They are all prepared deliciously – full of flavor…and some of them heat! 🔥 But before we get too far ahead, let’s cover off on a few things.

After finding a place to park (there are a couple of garages around the restaurant that offer paid public parking; street parking is tough to secure in this part of town) and entering the space, you’ll notice a large, great bar in the center of the main open space.

(The Reyes bar.)

If you either have a few moments to hang out at the bar while waiting for a table, or either decide to eat your meal at the bar, grabbing an adult beverage is absolutely essential.

(The Matador.)

Once seated you’ll have an opportunity to glance over the menu. Regardless of which meal you’re dining in for you’ll note the menu’s quite extensive. One of our very favorite items–and certainly something to think about if you have a large party or are on a date–is the “meat platter.” Officially, it’s the Parillada Mixta on the Reyes menu, and consists of new york strip steak, red shrimp, chicken thighs, mushrooms, esquites, tomatoes, tortillas, and rice & beans. All the meats! How delicious does that sound?

A few of the other items on the Reyes menu we’re interested in trying on future visits: The Crispy Half Chicken (Joyce Farms crispy half chicken, mole amarillo, and garlic broccolini); Duck Enchiladas de Michoacan (queso fresco & oaxacan cheese enchiladas, chile rojo, seared duck breast, and spicy escabeche); Chile con Pollo (slow cooked chicken, salsa verde, queso fresco, and red onion). Everything on the dessert section has us drooling, as well. 🤤

PRO TIP #1: Do yourself a favor and order the Elote (grilled Florida sweet corn, lime aioli, cotija, chipotle powder, and tajin) – it’s seriously some of the best we’ve ever had (briefly mentioned earlier in the post).

PRO TIP #2: Reyes is closed for business on Mondays.

If you’re reluctant to head to Reyes and dine indoors due to this COVID craziness, you can always order online and pick up a meal (they offer online ordering even when there’s not a global pandemic).

Location deets:

Reyes Mezcaleria
North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

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