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Se7en Bites is arguably one of Central Florida’s most valuable little assets for a delicious, comforting meal. Originally located on Primrose Avenue just south of Robinson, a few years ago they moved into a much larger venue a few blocks down the street, across from À La Cart and neighboring Il Pescatore.

“Located in the heart of Orlando’s Milk District, Se7en Bites specializes in nostalgic southern comfort foods, with a modern twist. Serving up breakfast, lunch, brunch, and scratch made sweets.” – Se7en Bites website
(Se7en Bites exterior. Photo courtesy of ScottJosephOrlando.com.)

Parking can be a tad tricky with this place – they do have a dedicated parking lot, but if the restaurant is super crowded you might have to venture out to something nearby (the recently-closed Steak & Shake nearby is a place to consider…at least for the time being). Once you’ve secured a spot, though, you’ll likely have to stand in a line outside…to wait for either indoor or outdoor (there’s a great patio located in the back) seating. In addition to all of the tasty treats featured here, there’re always specials which can be found just inside where customers place their orders.

Once inside, you’ll immediately place an order just to the left. Things move pretty quickly so not to worry. (PRO TIP: The OBP beer-mosa is highly recommended, and the perfect companion to anything on the menu.)

Now we’ve tried several different things off of the menu; certainly some favorite “go-to” dishes. And there are countless others we’d like to give a try sometime in the future. But let’s cover a few of those we’ve already had:

The Sloppy Veener
Now The Sloppy Veener is actually one of those “special” items that’ll pop up on the menu from time-to-time; it’s not a constant. So during a recent visit when it was available we had to give it a shot. It’s most definitely worth a try – particularly if you’re a big fan of pimento cheese, which Se7en Bite’s is kinda known for. We are necessarily fans, but…hey, when in Rome, right? The dish is essentially a savory hot dog drenched in chili and said pimento cheese. There may’ve been something else but we were completely overwhelmed by the dish experience, quite frankly, and like bad bloggers didn’t document every single thing. 🤦🏼‍♂️

(The Sloppy Veener.)


Minnie Pearl

The Minnie Pearl seems to be one of Se7en Bites’s absolute most popular dishes. We’ve had it a couple of times and we highly recommend. It consists of two pearl sugar waffles hugging a buttermilk fried chicken with a splash of HOT (spicy, kickin, buffalo- for all you temp-spice-level wonderers) honey & over medium egg , topped with vanilla bean butter syrup & served with a side of cheddar chive grits. Please, wipe your chin. We’ll wait….

(The Minnie Pearl. Photo courtesy of Se7enBites.com.)


One special we recently enjoyed (and being the bad bloggers we were at the moment we failed to write down the name of the dish) was comprised of potatoes/hash (yum!), cheese, eggs, bacon, and a fluffy biscuit. This was, by far, one of our favorite items we’ve had at Se7en Bites and we hope it makes another appearance sometime very soon.

Like mentioned earlier on, there are several dishes we’re yearning to try on future visits: The Se7enth Heaven Burger (8oz chuck/brisket/short rib burger topped with fried green tomato, pimento cheese (👀) & applewood bacon, served with crispy seasoned fries – not available on weekends); the Chicken Pot Pie; the 3 Little Pigs (buttermilk garlic biscuit, baked egg in ham, pimento cheese (👀), applewood smoked bacon, cheddar chive grits smothered with creamy thyme sausage gravy); and the Savory Ham Pudding (asparagus, mushrooms, caramelized onions, ham, red and green peppers, swiss cheese, baked to perfection & topped with peppercorn hollandaise). Oh. My. Goodness!

Now aside from all of this delicious food you’d be doing yourself a severe disservice if you visit Se7en Bites and don’t grab something from the “sweets” side of the eatery. This is really where it all started, and what the place is largely known for.

(Trina Gregory-Propst in the “bakeshop” section of Se7en Bites. Photo courtesy of Bungalower.com)

And we can almost guarantee you any time you pay a visit you’ll catch a spotting of Trina, owner of Se7en Bites. She can definitely be seen behind the counter and may even be the one to deliver your order(s) to your table. She’s a workhorse, for sure!


 Trina has appeared on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” show (as well as others), and Guy Fieri has even paid a visit to the Se7en Bites location.

Location deets:
Se7en Bites 617 North Primrose Drive Orlando, FL 32803 407.203.0727

Have you ever dropped by Se7en Bites to enjoy a heavenly meal?

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