Braccia Ristorante in Winter Park

(Braccia’s exterior.)

Braccia Ristorante is located just off of the main Park Avenue strip in Winter Park. There’s no dedicated parking specifically for the restaurant but there’s plenty of street parking nearby. Once you’ve located a place to land and you’ve arrived, you’ll find there’s charming outdoor seating and a quaint, teeny-tiny dining room just inside.

Despite the fact we’ve been by this place a trillion times we’ve never even thought about stopping in; this was our very first visit dining. At home here in Winter Park for over six years now, Braccia offers guests a variety of interesting options in the Italian cuisine space (for both lunch and dinner).

Once our party was seated at a beautiful table window side, we glanced over the menu to select an appetizer (and some delicious adult beverages). We opted for the Coxinhas because…well, who doesn’t love deep-fried anything! The Coxinhas are pear-shaped, deep-fried chicken filled croquette chicken with cream cheese, shrimp with cream cheese & salmon with cream cheese.

When it came to the main courses we could not have been happier with our choices (although there are a ton of others we want to return to try). Our dining companion chose the Shrimp Risoto, which is a gorgeous and ample dish. It’s comprised of arborio rice, parmesan sauce with shrimp.

Our own selection was a little less adventurous but oh-so-delicious: Pepperoni Pizza. Classic, simple: Pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni and oregano. Baked to perfection with a nice crispy crust, and oozing cheese.

All looks yummy, right? As mentioned earlier, we’re definitely interested in returning sometime soon to try a few things: The Filet Minion (we fancy!), the Penne with Parma, the Lamb with Red Wine, and the Four Cheese Pizza, in particular. But you know one thing we’re so surprised to not see featured on Braccia’s menu are a handful of desserts. Italian restaurants usually have the best desserts to offer. Apparently this isn’t something Braccia chooses to focus on.

Location deets:

Braccia Ristorante
153 E. Morse Blvd.
Winter Park, FL 32789

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