Copacabana Cuban Café in Mt. Dora

(Copacabana exterior/porch.)

Nestled down a little walkway off of one of the main streets in Mt. Dora’s popular downtown area, Copacabana Cuban Café offers residents and visitors authentic Cuban food. Interestingly enough, it’s only a few doors down from another very popular Cuban restaurant (wonder how that goes over?).

After entering the restaurant guests can opt for dining indoors or sitting on the ample porch (recommended when the weather’s nice!). During this visit that’s what our party opted for.

(Copacabana outdoor seating/porch.)

Once seated, the big task to conquer is choosing something from the extensive Copacabana menu. And if you have a little trouble navigating it there’s a little help:

Cuban bread is served complimentary to each table, accompanied with some yummy dipping sauces. We are never, ever, ever going to turn down some soft, hot, delicious Cuban bread. Mouths watering just thinking about it. And the main courses we all ordered at the table came along with a salad – pretty basic but definitely fresh…which is important!

First off, our dining companion selected something fairly basic off of the menu, but regardless of that the report back was the dish was phenomenal.

The Pork Pernile is Cuban style roast pork seasoned with especial mojo and yuca con mojo. On appearance alone it looks quite appetizing.

For us, we ordered the Copacabana Plate which consists of grilled steak, shrimp & chicken breast, with perfected seasoning. We have to say with candor: The seasoning was not so perfect. In fact, that was the one thing the dish seemed to be missing. Now don’t get it wrong – the dish was good. But it could have really been great. The steak and the chicken didn’t have much flavor, honestly; the shrimp was the best thing about the plate.

(Copacabana Plate.)

Each of the dishes located under the “Super Specialties” section of the menu where ours is found comes along with a choice of yellow spanish rice & beans, white rice & beans or moro rice. Also served with fried plantains (green or maduros) or salad (we opted for the salad).

(Yellow Spanish Rice & Beans.)

One really positive thing about this place is most definitely the service. Our server was extremely attentive throughout the evening.

Would we visit this place again? Probably so…and try something different. In particular we’ve like to check out the Masitas (deep fried pork chunks marinated in Cuban mojo with seasoned grilled onions), the Picadillo Conchita (Cuban style ground beef & potatoes cooked in the creole sauce), and the Pechuga a la Milanesa (breaded chicken breast topped with ham and cheese). But with that, we’ll likely go check out the folks down the street to give them a try beforehand.

Location deets:

Copacabana Cuban Cafe
320 Dora Drawdy Way
Mt. Dora, FL 32757

Have you ever popped in to Copacabana Cuban Cafe in Mt. Dora? If so, how was your experience?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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