Orlando Named No. 1 Place to Retire in the United States

(Beautiful downtown Orlando.)

Well would you lookie here! Our wonderful City of Orlando is once again a bit of a superstar, having been recognized–via new information coming from WalletHub–as the number one place in the United States to retire! Things like taxes, cost of living, healthcare availability, and what the area has to offer were all taken into consideration.

The data looked at things like affordability, quality of life, retirement-friendly activities, and healthcare. The activities category factored in popular retirement activities per capita, like fishing, golf courses, recreation and senior centers, and cultural activities…and boy do we have plenty of all of those mentioned.

Check out this article recently featured on Business Insider covering the topic.

How long have you lived in the Orlando/Central Florida area? Are you planning to retire here?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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