Sol de Mexico Mexican Restaurant in Eustis

(Photo courtesy of Sol de Mexico’s website.)

¿Incluso te gusta la comida mexicana? You have to know by now we certainly do (just look here and here and here for a few examples). And upon the recommendation of one of our readers we recently checked out Sol de Mexico Mexican Restaurant in nearby and charming downtown Eustis for something a little different.

Before we head inside we have to say the exterior of Sol de Mexico is so authentic and appetizing – welcoming guests in with a traditional Day of the Dead mural and thin alleyway (there’s also an entrance on the backend of the restaurant, which is located on the main strip running through downtown Eustis).

Once we head inside you’ll find the interior of the restaurant to be quite quaint and festive, actually, which is a nice change from some of the other Mexican restaurants in the Central Florida area (which do a good job at trying but don’t really seem to hit the mark). We’re particularly fond of the little “cut out” sections in the main dining area which almost make you feel like you’re having a meal in the center of a small town.

(Sol de Mexico’s interior.)

After finding a seat at one of the non-“cut out” tables, but still in the town square, we snagged a menu to find something to eat. And while it’s not overly-extensive you’ll find typical Mexican fare such as taco salads, chimichangas, burritos, and fajitas.

(Sol de Mexico’s menu.)

You gotta always start with some chips and salsa, right? These were definitely nothing mind blowing or “creative,” but, hey – even the worst chips & salsa are mostly good?

After careful consideration (ok – maybe it wasn’t that intense) we chose the Chimichanga dish to go with. Located under the “Entree Specials” section of the menu, it comes with two golden crispy or soft chimichangas stuffed with a choice of chicken, shredded or ground beef, covered with our cheese sauce, with a side of rice and beans, lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream. Fairly standard, right? We opted for the crispy chicken chimichanga joined with a soft ground beef companion. Both were really tasty, but we enjoyed the crispy one a little more simply because the chicken was so moist (sorry!) and flavorful.

(The Chimichanga dish.)

It was a lot of food and a massive amount of beans, but we somehow managed to tackle it all. Surprise, surprise….

Our dining companion selected something from the “Dinner Entrees” section of the menu: The Chimichanga Grande. The Chimichanga Grande is a golden crispy chimichanga loaded with a choice of savory chicken, shredded or ground beef served with a side of rice and refried beans. The feedback here was the dish was quite delicious as well.

(Chimichanga Grande.)

We’re in the area every now and then, and will definitely return to Sol de Mexico to try out another dish. We’ll have to save room to sample one (more more!) of the four desserts featured on the menu. Like the Buñuelo de Queso – “delicious golden crispy burrito cheesecake with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate syrup.” WHAT?!

What do you think? Wait…is that drool on your chin! Hungry yet?

Location deets:
Sol de Mexico
125 North Bay Street
Eustis, FL 32726

Have you ever popped in to Sol de Mexico for a meal? We’d love to hear about your own experience in the comments.

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