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Now you already know we’re big fans of À La Cart. If you didn’t or you’re not even familiar with this divine place located just off of Colonial Drive near Fashion Square, see here and here. They’ve had many different options over the years when it comes to food trucks but as of late they’ve had some steady permanent must-try ones, like Steak It Easy. As touted on their very own website:

“We are a Brazilian Barbecue Food Truck and our mission is to provide an amazing barbecue experience.

Yeahhh…we do have the best Picanha in town. Our steak skewers are so delicious. Garlic bread, sausage…a little taste of the famous Brazilian barbecue.

Cooked to order and grilled on charcoal heat.”

Don’t know about you but we’re already in! We’ve actually visited this popular Orlando food truck a couple of times so we know how delicious their menu is. Items like Picanha Steak (one of their flagship dishes; referred to as the top sirlojn cap, rump cover, rump cap, or coulotte), Beef Tenderloin Skewer, and Chicken Skewer among a few. Here are some of the most popular options as featured when visiting their truck:

The actual truck itself is so charming, with raw wood covering the entire exterior. And when you walk up to place your order the smells emanating from the grill. Really just makes one anxious to receive one’s food when the buzzer goes off that was handed to you upon ordering.

Let’s good to the good stuff now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way. After all – that’s what we’re really here for, right?

While we’ve eaten at Steak It Easy a couple of times and tried various items since they’ve been at A La Cart, on this visit we went with the Picanha Steak. As touched on earlier in the post, Picanha is a prime cut of beef of the Brazilian Barbecue. It’s also known as rump cap. The is a cap of fat that gives flavor and juice. Ok – not the most appetizing description of a dish but we can tell you it’s cooked to perfection…juicy and flavorful and enjoyable down to the last bite. Accompanied by french fries, the USDA certified beef tenderloin is seasoned with kosher salt, onion powder, black pepper and olive oil.

We were digging the dish so much it completely slipped out mind to even snap a pic. DOH! So we borrowed a really good one from Steak It Easy’s Instagram.

(Photo via @tbluvs2run on Instagram.)

In addition to that there are other items we’re dying to check out. Like the Filet Mignon Skewer, the Picanha Steak Sandwich, and the Steak Cheeseburger. We’ve already had the Cheese Tots before and can pretty safely say they’re so scrumptious we’ll get them on every single future visit.

Location deets:

Steak It Easy
609 Irvington Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803

Have you ever dropped by A La Cart to visit the Steak It Easy truck? Or seen it someone around town?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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