Chicken Wing Festival Clucks It’s Way Into Orlando

There’s no doubt the ears of chicken lovers everywhere are going to perk and say “What the cluck?!” Via Explore Hidden, we recently learned about the very unique Chicken Wing Festival making its way to the Orlando area later this month.

No specific details have been mentioned about the exact location of this event that’ll take place on Tuesday, October 17th but we’re assuming once tickets have been purchased or as the date gets closer attendees will be notified by email. The details, though, already have our mouths watering:

  • Lots and lots of chicken wings. Duh!
  • Craft beer and other beverages. We’re into it. 
  • Tasty festival food. Always love….
  • Live music. Bring it on.
  • Food challenges. We’d just watch.

You can book your tickets to the Chicken Wing Festival here (not an affiliate link). We may have to check it out ourselves, but if you do we’d love to hear all about it when you do! It’s promising to be a festival for all the wing-lovers out there….

🐔 🐔 🐔

2 thoughts on “Chicken Wing Festival Clucks It’s Way Into Orlando

    1. It doesn’t appear the exact location has been fully disclosed. More than likely once you reserve or secure tickets that will be communicated to you.

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