Orlando Magazine’s Best of ORL Scavenger Hunt Kicks Off in August

(Image courtesy of OrlandoMagazine.com.)

Orlando Magazine has always got a little something fun cooked up. Case in point: It’s their 75th Anniversary (how is that even possible?) and to celebrate they’ve just launched a citywide Best of ORL Scavenger Hunt for the entire month of August. What does that mean, you ask? What sort of prizes can you win, you ask again? All of Orlando can participate in this interactive game to win stuff hidden throughout the city. All you really need is an email address (duh!).

We pulled all of the deets directly from OrlandoMagazine.com so you can get to playing. Check it out:

STEP 1: Sign-up to receive emails with clues to new locations. Pay close attention.
STEP 2: Decipher daily clues and be one of the first three (3) people there! C’mon – you gotta work for it!
STEP 3: Mention to the shop owner / team member / front desk that you’re on the Best of ORL Scavenger Hunt.
STEP 4: The first three (3) people / teams who arrive at any given location will collect a prize.

There are amazing prizes–at least, we think they area–for the scavenger hunt participants, including all the ORL hats, bandanas, shirts, socks, pins, stickers, and posters you could ever want! Which ones are you jonesing for? ⤵️

(Image courtesy of OrlandoMagazine.com.)

What do ya think? Gonna play? 🎲 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏾‍♂️ 💨

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