Bem Bōm Restaurant in Audubon Park

(Bem Bōm exterior.)

Long before setting up shop permanently in the charming and ever-growing Audubon Park Garden District, Bem Bōm was a popular food truck (since 2012) that could be tracked down all around the Central Florida area. Since then and several years ago, Bem Bōm found a home in a quaint little building that holds a cute porch with ample outdoor seating (likely enjoyable when the summer Central Florida sun isn’t scorching everything it sees), sandwiched nicely in between East End Market and The Salty.

(Bem Bōm porch.)

“Named as Restaurant of the Year in 2020, Bem Bōm on Corrine delights customers and their palates by creating Mexican and Portuguese dishes inspired by fresh, traditional fare from Mexico and Portugal- presented in an invitingly comfortable and fun setting.” – Bem Bōm website

Once we were seated and before even getting started in attempting to make some selections on the menu we had to put in an order for the Bread Service (uh – who’s ever going to turn down bread?). This item found on the “Specials Menu” includes old world bread served with EVOO, Point Reyes Bleu Cheese, house made chouriço butter, and goat cheese with salsa macha. Can we just say all tha yes!

The bread was warm, soft, and had the perfect porous surface to old absorb the EVOO and butter. Le sigh – we think about it often…. One of the items we wished we also ordered but can certainly try on a future visit is the Queso Blanco, which is served with house corn chips. SOUNDS DELISH!

After the bread was delivered to our table and almost immediately devoured, we–along with our dining companion–made our final decisions on the dishes for the main course. That would be…the much-acclaimed Lamb Burger (for both).

(The Bem Bōm Lamb Burger.)

The Bem Bōm Lamb Burger has been lauded by some (Scott Joseph, Orlando Sentinel) as one of the best burgers in the Central Florida. While we certainly never want to diss on any business owner or service we experience we always make it a point to be authentic and honest in our own encounters – and we gotta say this is by far not the best burger we’ve ever had here in the area. In fact, given all the praise we’d previously read and heard about it, it was a pretty big letdown. The meat was a bit overcooked and slightly dry (have you ever had dry lamb?). Perhaps we just caught the chef(s) on an off night?

The Lamb Burger dish consists of Grille In House ground grass fed lamb, served with feta compote with pico de gallo, apple ginger bbq sauce, lemon mustard, piri piri. We opted to go without the bun not because we read Scott Joseph’s 2018 Bem Bom review about it beforehand but because we just try to make “better choices” whenever there’s an opportunity. Wonder if that was a misstep on our part?

The dishes were accompanied by an order of Black Beans & Rice and French Fries. The rice and beans were pretty standard. Good, but standard (really, how can you make rice and beans amazing?!). We did appreciate, though, that they used yellow rice versus traditional white rice. The fries were on point as they were fresh and hot, dusted with a layer of Parmesan truffle flavoring.

Know before you go by checking out Bem Bōm’s dining menus:

A few items on the lunch/brunch menu we’re interested in checking out are the Pancake Tacos, the Buttermilk Pancakes, and the Carne Asada.

All-in-all we’d have to say we were a little underwhelmed by our visit given all the raves and positive word of mouth we’ve seen about this place. But as mentioned time-and-time again we’re always willing to give a place two or three times to make a permanent, solid decision. There are most definitely a few items on the menu we’re interested to check out on a future visit. Stay tuned….

Location deets:

Bem Bom
3101 Corrine Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

What say you? Have you ever had a meal at Bem Bōm? Would love to know about your experience in the comments below.

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