Aquatica Orlando Named Best Outdoor Waterpark in the Country by USA Today 10 Best Reader’s Poll for the Second Time!

For the second time in recent years, Aquatica Orlando has claimed the top spot in the USA Today 10 Best Reader’s poll. The park took the top honor in 2021 beating out the competition and solidifying the waterpark’s reputation as the best waterpark in the United States.


“Aquatica Orlando is home to more thrilling waterslides than any other waterpark in Orlando, boasting new attractions annually including the opening this year of the world’s tallest—and Florida’s only—dueling waterslide, Riptide Race,” said Park Vice President Brad Gilmore. “We are honored to be recognized by USA Today readers from all over the country who have visited the park and rank it as their favorite.”

Best Way to Play
If you’ve never experienced Aquatica Orlando or if it’s even been quite some time since you’ve visited the SeaWorld Orlando park, now might be the time. There are some great deals on tickets and Aquatica/SeaWorld annual passes for both parks (Just a note: This is an affiliate link, so if you click on it and make a purchase we receive a percentage.) The annual passes provide great benefits including free parking (👏🏼), free guest tickets (👏🏼) and more.

Location deets:

Aquatica Orlando
5800 Water Play Way
Orlando, FL 32821

Have you ever hung out at Aquatica? What are your thoughts on the park?

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