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Boca means “mouth” in Spanish. So it’d be rather clever–and fitting–to have a restaurant named Boca. Don’t ya think?

If you stroll down to the north end of Park Avenue in Winter Park you’ll eventually stumble across Boca Winter Park, whose menu contains a large farm-to-table focus. Located on the north end of The Avenue at the crossroads where Panera, the Morse Museum of American Art (really cool if you’ve never visited), and St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church are located , Boca has called this place home for about seven years now. Now we’ve dined at Boca several times but have yet to write about it until now, when we recently stopped in for a Saturday brunch. The first time we actually ate at Boca was at their location in Tampa (no longer open) so were excited to learn we’d be getting one here locally.

(Boca exterior, courtesy of Boca’s Facebook Page.)

Once inside the restaurant guests will find a beautiful bar (fine place to enjoy your meal) surrounded by the main dining area, as well as a smaller dining room located toward the back near the restrooms.

So we stopped in for a quick brunch. The brunch menu is quite extensive and quite varied, many of the dishes being a twist on some traditional brunch items; there are many items we want to give a try. We always appreciate a menu like that.

“Boca’s strong farm-to-table focus and prioritizing taste and service is what sets us apart. Boca’s menu is based on the local food movement and sources ingredients from nearby farmers and specialty food purveyors wherever possible. We believe everybody wins with farm-to-table fare, from farmer to chef to diner. A high-quality, locally-sourced meal benefits all.” – Boca Winter Park website

(Boca brunch menu.)

On this visit our group stuck to a pretty standard brunch vibe – although one of the flatbreads on the menu just wouldn’t escape our brain so we had to get it (more on that later). Let’s talk about it.

(Scrambled eggs and sausage.)
(Eggs over easy with bacon.)

Off of the entire diverse Boca brunch menu, both we and our dining partner selected the The Old Man Egg Platter – although a little differently. This dish offers up two eggs, a choice of bacon or sausage, and potato hash (dang it, we totally spaced on grabbing a pic of this ever-important part of the dish).

But don’t fret! We actually borrowed a pic of the potatoes from Boca’s Instagram…along with some other drool-worthy photos of other dishes:

Remember that flatbread we were speaking of earlier? Well it’s the first one on the menu: Grandma’s Flatbread.

(Grandma’s Flatbread.)

This tasty flatbread offering–which is actually available on the lunch and dinner menus as well) is made up of crushed San Marzano marinara, mozzarella cheese, oregano, basil, parmesan cheese. It’s certainly just fine plain and simple, but for slight upsell you can add charcuterie meats as an additional topping.

Sounds pretty good, eh? Definitely recommend on its own or as a complement to another brunch dish (if you’re gluttons like us!).

Now Boca isn’t just all about brunch. No way! They also offer unique menus for lunch (mouth-watering items like the BRIOCHE & BRIE sammy, the HERITAGE & SWINE flatbread, and the KALE CAESAR salad) and dinner (we’re intrigued by the SWEET POTATO GNOCCHI and the SMOKED MEATLOAF) – as diverse as their brunch menu.

Now we didn’t have the time–or the room!–to enjoy any of the desserts but, dang – there are several we sure want to go back to try sometime soon. All of them, in fact. We combed Boca’s Instagram for some pics of the ones we can wait to enjoy so you can know what we’re talkin’ about:

All of this sound yummy? Then take your boca over to Boca and stuff the food in your boca (you can even make a reservation in advance via Yelp)!

Location deets:
Boca Winter Park
358 North Park Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

Have you ever dropped in to Boca for a meal? Tell us all about it (by using your boca)!

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