Winter Park Biscuit Company in East End Market

The Winter Park Biscuit Company located inside East End Market in Audubon Park is not what it may seem.

(Winter Park Biscuit Co. exterior.)

One of the first things anyone’ll notice when arriving at Winter Park Biscuit Co. is a bright, disco-ish “Hot Biscuits” sign (which we secretly want to own). After all, who doesn’t want hot biscuits? But so what did we mean in the intro about this place not being what it seems? Well – Winter Park Biscuit Co. is actually a vegan establishment. WHAT?!

Founded by Nom Yourself founder and cookbook author Mary Westfall (née Mattern), along with partner Neil Westfall of rock band A Day to Remember, Winter Park Biscuit Company offers vegan versions of familiar comfort food dishes.

But what about the chicken?


Yup – all of the items on the menu are vegan:
Now, let’s get to the meat of it. The Winter Park Biscuit Company is located just inside East End on the left. A complete and total transformation from the space occupied by the previous tenant (if you’ve ever been you might recall there was a bar in the middle). It’s an adorable, compact little space. During COVID most guests are required to stand in line just outside of the eatery (there’s really no room indoors anyhow).

On this visit we went with the WPBC Box which consists of three (3) chik strips, a buttermilk biscuit and french fries.

We’re not typically huge fans of vegan dining. There have been one or two places around town that are pretty delicious but by and large we’ve just found vegan-based restaurants a little disappointing. And while it’s most definitely notable that this isn’t real chicken (mainly due to the texture of the “meat”) the flavor is actually really delicious. And the vegan buttermilk biscuits are worth paying this place a visit alone.

Of course biscuits and chicken aren’t the only specialties. Customers can also choose from burgers, sausage gravy (and biscuits), seasonal fruit shortcakes, and crab cake sandwiches. Here are a few tasty pics we borrowed from Winter Park Biscuit Company’s Instagram:

(We actually think the description of the Kale Caesar Salad sounds really delicious.)

Location deets:

Winter Park Biscuit Co.
3201 Corrine Drive, Unit 105
Orlando, FL 32803

Have you had an opportunity to try out Winter Park Biscuit Co at East End Market yet? If so, what did you think?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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