Boxi Park in Lake Nona

If you’ve never been to the Lake Nona area you are truly missing out. Sure, it’s a bit of a jaunt out to that part of Central Florida (but close for some who live on the “east side”) but there’s so much development that’s occurred there in the past few years it certainly makes it worth the effort. For real – it’s literally exploding. In particular, Boxi Park at Lake Nona makes it worth it all alone – even moreso if you’re hungry and are looking to feed your culinary curiosities.

Now upon first glance you probably want to call these food offerings food trucks. But they’re actually repurposed shipping containers, designed with the community in mind.

“Our outdoor counter-serve restaurants, designed specifically for Boxi Park, feature cuisine created by world-class chefs with Michelin-rated restaurant experience.” – Boxi Park website

A completely smoke-free environment, Boxi Park offers a handful of food options to choose from…and a pretty diverse range of food types:

  • Before It Melts. Begin with an old-fashioned favorite or try a trendy new flavor swirl. Pile on all the housemade toppings you never knew existed or keep it classic with beloved colored sprinkles. Get creative with your dessert or opt for a chef-concocted masterpiece that mixes the day’s best offerings flawlessly.
  • Claw & Order. Approach the counter for succulent seafood while you witness our chefs go ocean-wild as they toss and top lobster, crab, and shrimp with an array of creamy and crunchy umami. Spice your dish up with special enhancements or rest your case with a side of traditional or surprisingly over-the-top waffle fries.
  • Fowl Play. Known for “devilishly good chicken,” Fowl Play features buttermilk-breaded fried poultry served as a classic, scrumptiously simple sandwich or laced with enticing extras. Add savory or spicy housemade dips with a side of skinny fries.
  • The Grill Next Door. This container’s playful theme radiates through the burgers they serve. Indulge in an especially satisfying traditional burger or opt for a chef’s specialty made with an unexpected topping, fiery add-on, or no meat at all.
  • Park Pizza & Brewing Company. Park Pizza & Brewing Company specializes in 12 and 16 inch oak-fired artisanal pizzas that are familiar enough in taste and presentation to please all guests. Every crust has a crisp exterior and a pleasing chewiness within followed by a signature red sauce made with a blend of San Marzano tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and salt. Finish it off with premium toppings ranging from classic to creative and either build your own pizza or select a Chef’s creation.

We opted for Canonita which is located toward the back of the park. The menu just looked too delicious. Canonita is a taste south-of-the-border flavors with inventive taco fillings and fresh guacamole.Off of the menu we went with the strong recommendation of one of the folks working the truck – the Carne Asada Our Way. Tasty, tasty, tasty cajun marinated beef garnished with cilantro chutney, crispy onions and crema. There are three tacos in each order, made with yellow corn and wheat tortillas. While we were so completely pleased with our decision there are so many other items on Canonita’s menu we’re interested to go back and check out.

Looks good, eh? And we can’t go without mentioning a little something we just had to try for desert. While we were initially “shopping” around trying to decide what we wanted for lunch Maple Cream Cheese Donuts these at Fowl Play jumped out at us (and we couldn’t shake the thought). Cinnamon sugar dusted donuts topped with green apple caramel glaze. They were pretty good but definitely much more visually appealing than in actual delivery.We were blessed with absolutely stunning weather during our visit, which is always a nice thing at outdoor concepts like Boxi Park. And during our visit–which was a Saturday–there was fantastic live music at the stage located in the primary dining area. According to the Boxi Park Event Schedule it appears there is live music quite frequently throughout the week.

Now you’re probably going to want a cool drink to wash down all of that delicious food. Ahem – like maybe an adult beverage? There are a few options to achieve this: Counter-serve bars feature a variety of unique offerings such as craft beers, fine wines, margaritas, sangrias, mixed cocktails, fresh-squeezed fruit and veggie drinks, and of course, soft drinks and chilled water. We tried a couple of the really hoppy IPAs from Hops & Vine.

Aside from the food trucks Boxi Park also offers up a kids playground, a dog park, and volleyball fields.

Another really interesting thing worth mentioning is Boxi Park’s “Incubate” experience. Boxi Park is part of the Tavistock Restaurant Collection and they’re utilizing the location as a sort of test for new culinary concepts. Pretty cool, eh? So what’s that really mean? The intent is to position Boxi Park as a true food destination for the Central Florida area, and to also foster an environment for chefs and people passionate about the culinary industry to help develop their ideas. If that actually sounds like you there’s a form on the Boxi Park website where you can submit info to connect with the appropriate stakeholders.

PRO TIP: Boxi Park is a cashless venue. Probably best to know this ahead of time. They accept credit and debit cards only. Cash can be exchanged for a Boxi payment card at the entrance tower cashier.

Location deets:
Boxi Park Lake Nona
6877 Tavistock Lakes Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32827

Have you ever ventured out to Lake Nona to visit Boxi Park?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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