Thai Blossom on Plant Street in Winter Garden

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, or you’re just simply new here, we love, love, love being adventurous with food. Not only with different varieties of food–from the most basic, simplest to the more daring–but also locations throughout Central Florida. Fortunately we get out to many different areas quite often so we’re constantly afforded the opportunity to get introduced to new places. We were recently invited to meet up with a group of friends for lunch in the Winter Garden area and we jumped at the chance. Said location: Thai Blossom Restaurant in the heart of downtown Winter Garden.

Thai Blossom’s exterior is very cute and quite inviting. Located on the east end of the wildly popular Plant Street and in the bottom of the the historic Edgewater Hotel (originally opened in 1927), Thai Blossom is a wonderful, wonderful space. Once inside, guests are welcomed into a large dining area with gorgeous, tall ceilings.

We had a pretty large group and were seated smack dab in the center of the dining area (lucky everyone else!). After settling on some drinks, we glanced over the menu and selected some appetizers for the table. We went with several but have to admit the dumplings were were a standout among them.

The Steamed Dumplings consist of steamed rice pastry mixed with ground pork, and water chestnut, served with a special soy sauce mixture for dipping. Nothing groundbreaking; pretty standard on most thai menus. But the meat was so flavorful and juicy. We also enjoyed several orders of Spring Rolls – deep fried roll stuffed with silver noodles, mixed vegetables, and our sweet & sour dipping sauce. We didn’t get great pictures of those so we borrowed one from the Thai Blossom website:

(Egg Rolls/Spring Rolls. Photo courtesy of MyThaiBlossom.com.)

After our appetizers arrived we took a look at Thai Blossom’s entrees and opted for the Thai Basil with steak for our main dish. The thai basil comes with a choice of meat (chicken, beef, pork, vegetable, tofu, shrimp or squid) sautéed in chili garlic sauce, with onions, bell pepper, carrots, and basil; each dish served with one serving of steamed jasmine rice. It’s a very cheery, colorful dish but we have to say the actual delivery was a bit of a letdown as far as taste. The meat wasn’t really all that flavorful, and the dish wasn’t very warm, either (seems to have been a common sentiment with the group).

(Thai Basil with steak.)
(Steamed jasmin rice made with love.)

Can you feel the love? It’s always fun when restaurants are playful with their food (kids, don’t listen to your parents!).

In addition to the main entree menu, Thai Blossom also offers a variety of special dishes and daily lunch specials (Monday through Friday).

Thai and thai as we might, we simply have to say this wasn’t our favorite thai outing in the Central Florida area. Which is particularly interesting/curious/peculiar since according to their website Orlando Magazine has named them best thai restaurant for several years (as recently as 2019). As with any initial less-than-stellar dining experience, though, we’re more than happy to return again for another shot.

Location deets:

Thai Blossom Restaurant
99 West Plant Street
Winter Garden, FL 34787

Have you ever popped in to Thai Blossom for a meal?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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