Chi-Kin Korean Fried Chicken in Mills 50 District

Every once in a while there comes along a food place that for some reason just seems to capture your heart. And eyes. And stomach. That place for us is the Chi-Kin Korean Chicken spot in the Mills 50 District, and that reason is, quite frankly, because it’s just friggin’ delicious.

Now we’re a tad bit late to the game on this one because Chi-Kin has actually been open for well over a year, but we’re only recently now just discovering it (and, can we let you in on a little secret – we’ve actually already been back twice since this initial outing!).

The dining experience at Chi-Kin is quick service, so guests order their food via a walk-up counter and then it is delivered to the dining room. The dining area is both quaint and adorable; of course you can always take your order(s) to go or order ahead online.

(Chi-Kin’s interior. Photo courtesy of ScottJosephOrlando.com.)

Home in the space formerly held by Noodles and Rice just a couple of blocks north of Tori Tori, you can see Chi-Kin’s menu offers a variety of options for patrons. In addition to the wings (their specialty) there are chicken tenders and sandwiches, bibim-bowls, vegan and vegetarian-friendly Kimchi, and delicious sides (more on that below).

(Chi-Kin menu.)

PRO TIP: The combo boxes are a really great deal if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck. There’s plenty enough to take home for leftovers to enjoy again. We opted for “Combo 1” on this visit which includes: Eight (8) wings, four (4) tenders, and two (2) sides off of the menu.

Guys – the tenders are gigantic. Truth be told this meal could actually be split between two folks (or like we mentioned earlier there’s enough to take home to enjoy later). Some places you’ll find the chicken to be dry and chewy. Not here. No way. Both the wings and the tenders are juicy, tasty, plump pieces of chicken, and there are delicious options for sauces to complement. The ones we’ve tried so far are the sweet soy, thai chili, and yuzu lemon pepper.

The box comes along with two sides as we’ve already talked about and man, are there some great options to select from. We went for the corn and mac and cheese (truth be told these are the only sides we’ve had on our subsequent visits).

The cheese corn dish is so yummy. Obviously we know corn has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever, but we’re not really promoting Chi-Kin as being a place to come if you’re looking to eat healthy. DUH. And one of the things we really like about the mac n cheese is it’s very distinct and unique from other places that offer the same dish. Chi-Kin’s mac n cheese is actually made from rotini and a very light, light layering of white cheese. Toss a teeny bit of salt on it and you have perfection. We also snagged a couple of the waffle fries ordered by one of our dinner mates – definitely worth a consideration for one of your sides (or even just order separately). We’re certainly interested in giving the poutine a try on a future visit.

For dessert there was no way we were going to pass up the Fried D’oh Boy which is–you guessed it–fried dough topped with sweet condensed mil and whipped cream. WHUT?!

Our photos didn’t come out as lovely as we normally like so we snagged a few pics from the Chi-Kin Instagram for your viewing pleasure:

Location deets:

813 North Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL . 32803

Lookin’ good to ya? Have you had an opportunity to stop in to Chi-Kin in the Mills 50 District yet? Moral of the story: Don’t be chicken to try Chi-Kin.

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