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If you’ve driven down Mills Avenue anytime within the past few months you’ve likely noticed a rather colorful addition to the neighborhood on the corner of Mills and Virginia Avenue. What used to be a Circle K convenience station is now a pink and teal thrift store with a mission. Out of the Closet is the space and it’s most definitely adding some flavor to the Mills 50 District.

At the core, Out of the Closet is a thrift store built on the generosity of donations from members of the community. Everything from big home items like couches, dining room tables, small desks, cabinets and more to shirts, pants, shorts, belts, hats, sunglasses and more. You’ll also find electronics, musical instruments, appliances, CDs and records (you know what those are, right?) and artwork.So what’s so special or different about this particular thrift stores apart from others? Well, when you shop at Out of the Closet Thrift Stores, you’re directly helping people living with HIV and AIDS. Ninety-six cents of every dollar collected at Out of the Closet stores (there are many across the nation in addition to the new one here in Orlando; three of them are located in Florida) directly fund AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s HIV/AIDS programs and their new housing services, as well as on-site pharmacies and free HIV testing. How could you not feel great about that?!

Wondering what the store looks like? Here’s a little peek inside (we snagged some pics during a recent visit):

If you’re interested in making a donation to Out of the Closet you can check out OutOfTheCloset.org/donate for detailsโ€ฆand to see what items can and cannot be accepted.

Location deets:

Out of the Closet
1349 North Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803

Have you had an opportunity to pop in and check out Out of the Closet yet?

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