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“Smoke & Donuts® focuses on oak-smoked barbecue and hot donuts; harnessing smoking techniques and seasoning profiles found in Texas, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. Pairing the carefully crafted meats are scratch-made sides; inspired by regional ingredients, utilizing classic techniques, these sides break from traditional barbecue fixings. True to its namesake, Smoke & Donuts serves made-to-order hot donuts. Enjoyed as dessert, as a side with your meal, or as a meal on their own in Smoke & Donuts signature barbecue sliders.” – Smoke & Donuts website

Welp, that there just about says it all. Barbecue and donuts: The perfect marriage whether they like it or not. We’d been familiar with Smoke & Donuts for several years, passing by their food truck quite often when they were a fixture at Cavanaugh’s Fine Wines (now Digress Wine) on South Edgewater Drive in College Park. It wasn’t until a recent visit to À La Cart, though, that we actually got to try out their delicious menu. And, oh, boy, was/is, it, ever, delicious.

(À La Cart exterior.)

The Smoke & Donuts food truck relocated to À La Cart in early summer of 2020. Once you’ve arrived at À La Cart, found a place to park, walked up to the entrance and ordered a craft beer from the bar, you make your way into the “courtyard” where you’re presented with several food options (all are great; more to come). The Smoke & Donuts truck is situated toward the back, on the right hand side.

The menu is quite extensive and there are so many items we wanted to try. But on this particular visit we opted for a set of single sliders, which essentially is your choice of pork sandwiched between two vanilla-glazed donuts with sea salt. And, folks – these are not your average glazed donuts you’re familiar with. These are like next-level glazed donuts. The donuts themselves were perfectly cooked (or whatever the heck you do to prepare donuts) and the glaze’s sweetness combined with the sea salt addition is just pure perfection. Throw the saltiness and tanginess of the bbq in there and your mouth is like, “Woah – hold on. What’s happening here?” The sweet/salty juxtaposition is a party! But let’s back it up for a minute. Normally the options for sliders are Chopped Brisket with toasted guajillo sauce and Pulled Pork with guava quince sauce. Unfortunately Smoke & Donuts was all out of brisket for the day so we just went with two of the pulled pork sliders (not mad about it).

(Pulled Pork sliders with guava quince sauce.)

Can you even get over it? Bet you’re wishing smell-o-vision were a thing right about now, eh? Let’s take an even closer look:

One of the options for a side with this dish is a potato. Now, we’re thinking just a small little baked potato (we should’ve paid closer attention to the menu) to complement these delectable donuts and were certainly not expecting what we were presented with:

No siree – this is most definitely not your average potato. The Roasted & Smashed Potatoes (see – closer attention to the menu!) are garnished with lemon and garlic gremolata, and brisket burnt ends. EXCUSE US, WHAT?! Quite simply put: HEAVEN.

It’s all just too good. When we finally sat down at one of the umbrella-covered tables (there’s ample outdoor seating for those concerned about social distancing) to experience these items we quickly realized there was more than enough to take home and have to enjoy for an additional meal. SWEET!

If donuts aren’t necessarily your thing (that’s ok, we can still be friends) Smoke & Donuts has some more traditional offerings such as sandwiches and smoked meat dishes. Our dining companion selected The Pit Sampler: Three (3) meats from the Smoke & Donuts pit and a choice of a side. The meat options include Pulled Pork, Turkey Breast, and Brisket. And even though a donut didn’t make an appearance on their plate…errr, box, it did look every bit as tasty as ours.

(The Pit Sampler.)

Aside from the sliders and bbq samplers you’re undoubtedly drooling over, Smoke & Donuts offers individual donuts which sound phenomenal if by nothing other than name alone. The Salty Englishman, The Mike, and The S’moreo to name just a few.

Oh – and in addition to their food truck location there’s also a permanent location in the Packing District (College Park).

Location deets:

Smoke & Donuts
609 Irvington Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803

2545 Coolidge Avenue
Orlando, FL 32804

Gotta say this is one of our very favorite new-but-not-so-new culinary discoveries here in Central Florida. And we’re definitely eager to go back for another visit.

What do you think? If you’ve never had Smoke & Donuts at À La Cart, think you’d be interested in checking it out? If you already have, tell us all about it in the comments below.


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