Agave Azul Mexican Restaurant in Windermere

Agave Azul has had a home in the Central Florida area for quite some time. The very first location we were familiar with–and checked out–is over in MetroWest/Kirkman (and lives in the space formerly occupied by PR’s). The second location that popped up is in Winter Park on Mills Avenue. So when a friend recently suggested checking out the relatively new location in Windermere we were totally like “Vamos!”

Mexican food options abound in the Central Florida area. Whether Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Maitland, East Orlando or Winter Garden, there’s always a new place to try or a favorite to frequent. And while all of these different options have something different to offer (hey – depends on what you’re in the mood for, right?), we genuinely think Agave Azul is some of the best around.

(Agave Azul dining room.)

Each of Agave’s locations are distinctly different and distinctly beautiful. This newest one in Windermere is certainly no exception – it is light and open and airy…and quite inviting. One the day we visited the crowd was light but there were certainly patrons around; it was late afternoon. The dining room is sprinkled with both booths and individual tables.

A beautiful interior is all well and good but if a restaurant can’t deliver on their menu then what’s it all for? So let’s get straight to it.

Check out what our dining companions had brought to the table:

Looks good, yeah? Let’s break it down (mainly because we want to relive everything about this meal). To start off we had an order of the Street Corn. The Street Corn can be located on the “appetizer” section of the Agave Azul menu. This both yummy and attractive dish is comprised of fire roasted corn, crema, cotija cheese, tajin, lime, salt, and cilantro. Say what?! There are a few places around town (that’ll currently remain nameless) that offer a dish similar to these but we gotta be honest and admit this is the best.

The Serrano Lime Mahi dish was selected by one of our companions. That’s two puffy tortillas, serrano lime mahi, guacamole (which we hear is really, really delicious), chipotle crema, blue crab, red onions, queso fresco, cilantro, and black beans. Now fish is something that would be the very last on the list of items we would order, but the dish is quite beautiful to look at and was much enjoyed by the individual who ordered it. Think it’s something you’d try?

The huge Tortilla Soup was selected by our other dining companion. Apparently it’s amazing because this ins’t the very first time they’ve ordered it. The Soup dish consists of zesty broth, chicken, rice, avocado, seasonal veggies, chihuahua cheese, crispy tortilla strips, and lime. Now, “what in the heck is chihuahua cheese” might be your first thought after the initial shock of the yummy description we just provided. So after a quick action of GTS we learned chihuahua cheese is: “In Mexico, queso Chihuahua is commonly recognized as a soft white cheese available in braids, balls or rounds and originates in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.” SIGN US UP!

La Flaca Margarita. Now that one’s ours. And not only do we highly recommend it we also can’t wait to get back to Agave to have another. A family favorite, The La Flaca Margarita is made of Monte Alban Silver, organic agave nectar, lime, and a salted rim. We can’t think of anything refreshing for the warm spring and upcoming summer months. ¡Que bueno!

With regard to the dish we enjoyed, we decided to go with the Mojo Shrimp which consists of garlic shrimp, lemon butter sauce, onions, tomatoes, cilantro rice, and refried beans.

(The Mojo Shrimp Mariscos dish.)

Agave Azul has so much deliciousness to offer they have a handful of menus. Check ’em out:

One of the things we were most disappointed about at Agave Azul is we didn’t have the room to try any of the amazing sounding dishes on the dessert menu. Oh, well – all the more reason to have to get back soon. In the meantime we’re just going to sit here and stare at some of them that we pulled from the Agave Azul Instagram page:

Location deets:

Agave Azul
5855 Winter Garden Vineland Road, #100
Windermere, FL 34786

Here’s a list of all of Agave’s locations throughout Central Florida: Agave Azul Winter Park, Agave Azul Windermere, Agave Azul Orlando-Kirkman, and Agave Azul Winter Springs.

Qué opinas? What do you think? Have you ever been to this or any of the Agave Azul restaurants before?


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