Wildwood Antique Mall of Eustis

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If one man’s trash is another’s treasure then we may have just uncovered the mecca of treasure.

(Wildwood Antique Mall of Eustis exterior.)

We’ve talked about antique malls and similar gems before (see Trader Maes Furniture & Decor Market in Apopka and The Lovely Boutique Market in Audubon Park for a couple), but this recent trip of ours to the Wildwood Antique Mall of Eustis in nearby Eustis (Mt. Dora area) took it to a whole new level.

This mall–located on 441 (head north on Orange Blossom Trail and take it all the way up)–is deceptively large from the exterior. In fact, once you enter the front door and turn the corner one realizes just how enormous it is.

(Wildwood Antique Mall of Eustis exterior.)

This place is massive, actually, and the pics we captured can’t even begin to represent this.

“Come visit the largest antique mall of Eustis. Conveniently located off of highway 441, our antique mall is made up of over 100 antique dealers with quality antiques. From furniture to clothing and vintage artwork, our dealers have you covered. – WildwoodAntiqueMalls.com”

Now we love these types of places but, admittedly, get quite exhausted after a certain period of time. Particularly if not on a specific mission to locate something specific. But here’s a little peek into what you might encounter if you decide to check out this antique mall:

Ton of stuff, right? And if that isn’t enough we would be remiss if we didn’t include honorary mentions of some of the creepiest stuff ever:

Now that we’ve set you up to potentially have some bad dreams, why don’t you check out everything the Wildwood Antique Mall of Eustis has to offer online.

Location deets:

Wildwood Antique Mall of Eustis
349 Plaza Drive
Eustis, FL 32726

Have you ever had an opportunity to pay a visit to this Central Florida gem? In addition to this location here in Eustis there are sister stores in Wildwood and Vero Beach.

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