Pitch Black: Dining in the Dark Comes to Orlando

Have you ever closed your eyes when eating a really, really delicious dish, just to focus solely on the taste and flavor? Like nothing else exists in the world during that moment? Well that’s apparently exactly what Pitch Black: Dining in the Dark is all about.

This and similar experiences have taken place around the country and probably around the globe, and Central Florida will soon be added to that list.

So what’s it all about? You guessed it: Having a meal in the dark. Pitch black, as perfectly described in the name. Each dining experience will last approximately 90 minutes, allowing diners ample time to get comfortable with their “new surroundings” and enjoy a delicious 2-course meal with a drink, blindfolded. Yowza! The ‘Pitch Black’ 21+ event is coming to the area and will run on select dates at the beginning of June, and pre-booking is required (it’s a very, very limited engagement so seating will surely fill up quickly).

With regard to the actual dining component of the experience, there is an option of 3 set menus ranging from $75-$84, although secret, dietary requirements and allergies can be catered for. Diners will also have the option to pre-order all of their favorite drinks to accompany their dishes before entering the dark dining room.

Are you a visual person (heh, heh)? Here’s a little sneak peek of what diners can expect at Dining in the Dark:

The exact location of Pitch Black: Dining in the Dark is yet to be disclosed but it will surely be a memorable one (hint: On the ticket purchase page the zip code associated with the event is 32789 – Winter Park). If you’re interested in learning more or want to attend the event you can purchase Dining in the Dark tickets here*.What do you think? Is this something you’ll check out? We’re certainly interested.

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2 thoughts on “Pitch Black: Dining in the Dark Comes to Orlando

  1. We went to this dinner and it was a disaster. The hood was no where close to be fancy or full of flavor. My husband and I felt like it was a huge waste of money. It was extremely disorganized, we didn’t get the drinks we ordered. They only had beer ( gave you half glass) and cheap wine. Don’t do it. It was awful.

    1. Gosh, that is certainly unfortunate to hear. Was it your first time experiencing an event/dinner like this? Sounds like the planning all around just fell flat.

      Where was the venue, exactly? And what type of food was offered/served?

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