Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen in Winter Park

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Hold on to yer hats, y’all, because we are 99.9% certain we’ve just discovered the best food in the Central Florida area. No. Joke.

We recently stopped by Tibbys in Winter Park to help a friend celebrate their birthday. And while Tibby’s has been on our list of places to check out for some time, we really had no idea what was in store for us on this fateful Friday evening.

For those who aren’t aware, Tibby’s is authentic cajun/creole cuisine nestled in a popular shopping center in Winter Park, on Aloma Avenue (if you’re familiar with where Mellow Mushroom is located, Tibbys can be found right behind it).

Once inside, you’ll note the place is decorated within an inch of its life. And it’s so much fun; we ate it all up. The dining area is essentially one large room with a bar at the center of it.

(Tibby’s dining area.)

So much to see and feel we’re quite certain we missed so many things (all the reason to go back for another visit).

Now to get to the food. Everything the folks in our party ordered looked absolutely delicious; their comments affirmed this. But before we jump ahead of ourselves let’s just start at the beginning: The amazing onion rings and fried pickles the table received with open arms as appetizers:

(A bevy of Tibby’s appetizers.)

While the appetizer list at Tibby’s is plentiful (we already have our eye on several additional dishes we’d like to try out), as mentioned the group opted for the Fried Pickle Slices and the Onion Ring Stack. The fried pickles were definitely tasty and a different take on the “discs” we see many places offer, but the onion rings were without a doubt the star of the show on this night. We can confidently share with you (and we’re friends, right; we wouldn’t lie to you) these are some of the best onion rings we’ve ever had. Not only were they perfectly fried to a crisp, they’re large and the onions found underneath the crispy exterior were so flavorful. The dish comes accompanied with a side of remoulade sauce we didn’t even bother to try because the rings were just that good (we’re probably missing out on the ultimate experience as a result).

Now here’s a little taste of what came to the table in the form of main dishes:

And with the extensive options on Tibby’s menu, we opted for something we can only compare to a traditional french dip. But there’s a twist with this dish here: The beef is fried – whut, whut?!

(Tibby’s Napkin Fried Roast Beef.)

The “Napkin Fried Roast Beef”–which did not actually contain any napkins, so far as we could tell–is dipped in house batter, fried and topped with American cheese. Truly an original, it’s like nothing we’ve ever tried or had before. And one of the things we noticed that’s consistent with all of the dishes at Tibby’s is they are huge. In fact, the NFRB (we feel so close enough to it now we’ve already given it a nickname 😏) is large enough we took half home just so we could prolong the enjoyment.

Drooling yet? No? First of all, what’s wrong with you? Second – this’ll get ya. After everyone finished off their delicious plates–or at least wrapped up what they wanted to take home with them–we had to give Tibby’s beignets a go. C’mon – how could we not? And the choice did not disappointed. Check these beauts out:

(Tibby’s beignets.)

These guys were baked perfectly, were warm when they arrived to the table, and the brandy cream sauce (available for an extra charge) that decided to join the party with them was the perfect complement not only to the dish but also to the entire evening.

Whew – thats a lot, right?! Indeed, it is. And that only covers just a bit of what Tibby’s New Orleans kitchen has to offer its guests. Because theres so much delicious food to choose from, Tibby’s has several different menus. Check them out now or before you decide to plan a trip over to give em a try:

FYI: In addition to the Winter Park location we visited there’s also Tibby’s in Altamonte and Tibby’s in Brandon.

Location deets:

Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen
2203 Aloma Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32792

Have you ever stopped in to Tibby’s for a meal? What was your experience? Tell us all about it….

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