Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine in Winter Garden

You might already be familiar with Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine. If you do – congrats. It’s deliciously authentic Turkish food. There’s been a location living on Park Avenue in Winter Park for ions (there are also locations in Lake Nona and Dr. Phillips). But did you know there’s also a relatively new location in the feverishly-growing area of Winter Garden?

We recently popped in for a late dinner (this and all locations are currently open until 10pm nightly) on a Friday night. It’d been quite some time since we’d enjoyed some Turkish food so we we were pretty amped.

As with (hopefully) most restaurants and eateries these days, guests are expected to comply with wearing masks and maintaining distance from other patrons. Obviously once seated at the table masks may be removed. Although it was a tad chilly this particular evening we opted to sit in the outdoor seating area/porch; there are heat lamps to keep guests comfortable.

The atmosphere is quite pleasing and what we would imagine to be authentically Turkish (we’ve never been to Turkey; someday).


Of course what we’re here for is the food. Now we’ll jump off by saying the food isn’t necessarily cheap at Bosphorus but it’s well worth it for the deliciousness and quality, plus there’s a substantial amount that comes with each dish so you’ll be likely to have some leftovers to take home and enjoy later.

We started out with an order of the pan-fried zucchini patties which are every bit as scrumptious as you would think by name alone. Just be aware before you order this for your table the patties are huge (remember that bit about having food leftover to take home – that would be referencing this).

(Pan-fried Zucchini Patties.)

The menu describes this “hot appetizer” as a delicious combination of tender zucchini and fresh herbs & spices. We concur. The dish is served with our special yogurt sauce that complements the zucchini perfectly. That was served concurrently with an order of hollow bread (“Lavas”) which is quite literally the size of a human head…if not bigger.

(LAVAS/Hollow Bread.)

It’s recommended to order the humus to enjoy along with the lavas; it doesn’t come with.


As if we weren’t already filled up and probably could have done without any additional food, our main dishes arrived. Between us and our dining companion we had enough to probably feed a family of six! The first dish can be found under the “Chicken” section of the Bosphorus menu.

and we went with the Lamb Shanks. Yes – lamb is quite the controversial dish. Some love it; some hate it. We love it, provided it’s cooked well. These lamb shanks at Bosphorus were not only absolutely perfect, but also gigantic. After all of the food we previously s̶h̶o̶v̶e̶d̶ i̶n̶ o̶u̶r̶ f̶a̶c̶e̶s̶ enjoyed, we actually took one of the shanks home for enjoyment at a later time.


Seasoned to perfection with authentic Turkish spices and seasonings, braised slowly over 5 hours with a medley of fresh carrots, onions & bell peppers until the meat is tender enough to fall off the bone. Served with rice pilaf

Most entrées at Bosphorus, unless noted, are served with rice pilaf and a fresh vegetable medley of pickled red cabbage & beets, carrots & red onions sprinkled with parsley all topped with a freshly made Turkish vinaigrette. Hang on…we need to go grab a napkin to wipe our drool….

If you’re still not into in-room dining at restaurants or if you’re simply looking for some great food for take-out, Bosphorus does offer the ability to order online and pick up.

Location deets:

Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine
16418 New Independence Pkwy
Winter Garden, FL 34787

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