The Salty Donut in Audubon Park

It may be called “salty” but the buzz around The Salty Donut‘s new Central Florida location is really sweet. Haven’t heard of it yet? Not sure where you’ve been but we’ll forgive you (and sure the folks at The Salty probably will, as well).

Chatter about this eclectic donut shop started making its way around late last year. And those who regularly travel through the Audubon Park neighborhood could witness the (quick) transformation of a former mechanical garage into what the finished product is today. Hints of the garage still exist–perhaps in an homage to the former establishment or maybe just a convenient architectural feature–in the form of two large roll-up doors (we’re already imagining how wonderful it’s going to feel in the cooler months, with the doors up and the fresh breeze sweeping through the store) and can be seen from the street despite a wooden fence that’s been erected around the perimeter of the property.

Due to current circumstances resulting from COVID, there are a limited amount of customers that are actually allowed inside the main room of The Salty’s building. So there might possibly be a decent amount of waiting outside if you choose to pay a visit anytime in the next few weeks…or even months. But the good news is once inside there’s a decent amount of room to hang around until your order is ready.

Ready? Buckle up because your taste buds are about to go for a ride….

Once guests make it to the inside of the establishment, they’re immediately presented with the delicious–yet somewhat limited–donut options. Some of them are “menu regulars” and some are also special or seasonal items:




Aren’t they beautiful? Oh – and huge. So, so big. The ordering process is fairly quick, and after ordering there is plenty of room to hang out and wait for said order to be complete (there might be a waiting period if one or more of the items ordered are out of stock and being made for replenishment).

(Our choices on this visit.)

As mentioned earlier these donuts are gigantic. With that, we only ordered a total of four to take with us on this particular visit. (Jump ahead to having enough to last for a few days.)

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?




  • MAPLE + BACON. The maple and bacon offering is a 24-hour brioche donut, pure maple glaze, topped with in-house candied proper sausage bacon and J.Wakefield porter reduction. To be quite honest, we don’t know what 75% of this even means but it doesn’t really matter – this donut is delish. Probably not the favorite of the group we selected on this specific visit, but it was very, very tasty. The bacon added a nice counterpart to the sweet maple glaze that soaked the top of the donut. Would definitely order again.
  • BROWN BUTTER + SALT. This vanilla bean cake donut is topped with brown butter glaze and maldon sea salt. Pretty simple and not a lot of fanfare, and for that very reason it’s one of two of our favorites in this group.
  • BUTTER BEER DONUT. Another 24-hour brioche filled with butterbeer custard, carmelia glaze topped with butterscotch drizzle, cookie crumbs and bubble sugar. Honestly, we just had to try it because it’s so dang pretty. The drizzle, the crumbs, the sugar. And the candied sugar piece that’s plopped on the very top. It was simply a given we’d have to give this one a try, and while we waited for our order to be packaged up we could hear other patrons making comments about the “butterbeer donut.” Everyone wanted to try it!
  • GINGERSNAP COOKIE. This is one–if not the only–gluten-free items offered on the menu. The spiced cake donut has a molasses glaze, topped with buttercream and a gingersnap cookie. This was the other of our two favorites of the day, and might likely be the favorite. The buttercream was the perfect complement to the flavor of the donut and the gingersnap cookie that was situated right on top was a wonderful partnership of consistency and flavor. Seriously perfect.

The one thing all of these donuts shared in common, and we can only assume this is a consistency with all of The Salty’s products, is–ok, please forgive us but no other word fits here–is a MOISTNESS! Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Not the “m” word. But, yes – each of these donuts was so perfectly moist and so far away from any inkling of dryness, which is often a concern with donut places such as this.

Like what you see? You’ll definitely want to check out The Salty Donut’s menu. It’s not terribly extensive but what’s there is mighty good. If you plan on grabbing some donuts in the store and enjoying them on-site, there’s a wonderful outdoor space with limited seating.

(The exterior of The Salty Donut in Audubon Park.)

If you’re simply looking to pop in and grab an order to go, you should know you can order ahead and pick up your order at a window located on the side of the establishment.

In addition to all of the amazing and interesting donut offerings The Salty Donut also has several coffee options (both hot and cold) for customers as well as teas.

While this isn’t the Orlando location (it’s a grand opening in Miami), this video will give you all the feels…and a deeper look into The Salty Donut’s brand and product:

Side note: The Salty Donut has some really, really cute merch and gift ideas in their online store. Like check out these adorable donut letters (in addition to several other items).

Location deets:

The Salty Donut
3025 Corrine Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

Gotta sweet tooth now? Have you already been to The Salty Donut, or do you plan on visiting soon?


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