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Welcome to another edition of “People Pulse.” The first of 2021 (woah – can you even believe it?), a year which we can all agree will hopefully be much better than its predecessor. Always hoping to bring you interesting folks doing even more interesting things in the Orlando and Central Florida area, this edition’s feature is Jazmin Rojas. We selected to highlight Jazmin primarily because of what’s she’s brought to the community with regard to…well, community! A couple of years ago she brought to market the Orlando Bloggers (more on that later) – a group of very content-minded folks who not only enjoy the craft of blogging but also make–or hope to someday make–some sort of profit from it. Granted blogging and social media have been on the scene for some time now and some people are (ad nauseam) sick of hearing about it, but we thought this group provided a breath of fresh air to the scene. We had the opportunity to attend one of the first meetups in the Central Florida area and had a blast. Let’s dig in a little deeper so you can get to know Jazmin.

Q. What brought you to Orlando, and how long have you lived here?
A. It’s less expensive compared to South Florida, where I moved here from. Especially to buy; I needed a change. In July it’ll be 3 years.

Q. What’s one of your favorite things about living in Central Florida?
A. Being 20 minutes from Walt Disney World. But seriously, one of my favorite things would have to be the people – totally different from Miami. Love my current circle of friends.

Q. You are one of the Chapter Officers of the Orlando Bloggers, a subset of The Blogger Union. What led you to get involved with this?
A. Yentl Lega, she and I started this together, wanted to create a community here of bloggers where they would come learn, network, and feel welcomed. We loved the concept Paola (the founder of The Blogger Union) created in South Florida and we wanted to bring that here. Once a month we’ll get together to learn and network. This way the community learns how to perfect their craft in the blogging world thanks to our amazing speakers located here in Orlando.

Q. What’s the ultimate vision or goal of the Orlando Bloggers group?
A. Goal is to get up to 50 – 100 people to attend which is how many bloggers attend our South Florida Blogger Chapters. But aside from that, as long as one of our members is learning something from one of our meet-ups that helps them in their blogging/YouTube career that is truly the ultimate goal. Also, can I say I would love to have LeJuan James speak at a meet-up :D?

Q. Do you have a favorite thing that’s happened since you’ve been involved with the Orlando Bloggers?
A. Getting invited our first year to FLBlogCon 2018. It was an awesome way to get our name out and connect with local Orlando and even Tampa bloggers. Thank -you Diana Griffith for advising Bess Auer about us which made this happen!

Q. Orlando has “grown up” so much in just a short time. What has been something you’re most surprised about?
A. As somebody who used to come to Orlando as a kid every summer I can definitely say Orlando has grown! Before it was just Disney and Universal. Now it’s Winter Garden for the Farmers Market, Winter Park to stroll through their downtown, Windermere and Celebration for the beautiful houses, decor, and perfect Christmas pictures (lol). Oh – and how Lake Nona has become the IT town from one day to the next. This is what has surprised me the most and it makes me wish I wasn’t in a hurry when house hunting two years ago.

Q. Do you have any “best kept” secrets for things to do in Orlando and the Central Florida area?
A. “Best kept” in Orlando? Let me see…the downtown Orlando Public Library, hands down! Ice cream from The Greenery Creamery. Walking or doing a picnic at any of our local parks.

Q. What’s one thing you’re always sure to do or share with someone’s visiting from out of town?
A. On the list:

Q. OK – one of our favorite questions: What are your go-to and just-can’t-live-without food places in town?
A. Coffee from Foxtail or Craft & Common. American Social Orlando (as we already mentioned) – their brunch and Happy Hour are great! Bulla Gastrobar – I can have their flan all day everyday.

Q. What are some of your favorite places in Orlando to be inspired, or just to be motivated?
A. Lake Eola. Vanessa’s Coffee Shop – the quotes in the coffee shop plus the great coffee and food is enough to inspire you.

Q. What is one thing you personally hope to achieve during the remainder of 2021?
A. Personally, restarting my blog – stay tuned. For Orlando Bloggers, to increase our memberships – its FREE at thebloggerunion.com/theorlandobloggers! And get up to 50 members at least at each meeting. Due to COVID19 planning something different for our anniversaries, stay tuned as well.

(An Orlando Bloggers meetup.)


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