City District Launches Community Survey to Guide Downtown Revival

Like so many nations, states, and cities around the globe, Downtown Orlando and the City District, an Orlando Main Street, is experiencing its share of event cancellations and permanent business closures due to COVID-19. It’s certainly disheartening to witness, we can likely all agree – particularly for those of us who love our local small businesses and would do anything to help them survive. Even moreso painful, no doubt, for those business owners who have had to make the difficult decision to close their front doors permanently this past year. We keep wondering when will this end?

“We can all agree that this pandemic will pass and our downtown will thrive once again. City District is eager for the opportunity to reinvent vacant spaces and design unique and exciting events with the community’s input at the forefront,” said Rosangela Parker, Executive Director of the City District.”

Despite many of these COVID-related hiccups and pauses, construction and development throughout the downtown Orlando continues daily. With that, in an effort to gain community insight and plan for the future, the City District is engaging residents and visitors to share their thoughts and desires as the District works on a strategic plan to help reinvent and grow the City of Orlando’s beloved downtown.

The online survey for residents and visitors is simple to complete, consists of 24 questions and is available online at City District Community Survey..

The survey offers up question like:

    • What most frequently brings you downtown?
    • What time do you typically visit downtown?
    • What is your general opinion of downtown?
    • Do you feel safe downtown?
    • What areas could downtown improve upon?

These are just a handful of questions you, as a resident of Central Florida, can provide feedback on. Please consider taking a few minutes to check out and provide feedback on the survey. Even if you visit downtown Orlando once every few years.

(The Orlando City District.)

Let your voice be heard! Take the survey now….

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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