Rosallie Le French Cafe in Winter Garden

The City of Winter Garden is truly charming. If you’ve never spent any time there there’s a ton of things to occupy your time. Ever heard of the Winter Garden Farmers Market? It’s a gem that takes place every Saturday morning right in the heart of downtown (there are fewer vendors during these COVID times, but still enough to make it worth the visit).

And then there’s food and drinks. Lots and lots of delicious food and drinks. Many of which can be found at the
Crooked Can & Plant Street Market (if you’ve never been it’s a must-visit). And Michaels Ali Coal Fired Pizza we recently wrote about. And another new beaut we gave a try, right on the popular and often busy Plant Street: Rosallie Le French Cafe.

(Rosallie exterior courtesy Downtown Winter Garden Facebook.)

This charming corner-situated eatery is actually located just steps from the previously mentioned brewery, and offers a small outdoor seating option for those wanting to enjoy the weather or are a little more sensitive to COVID-related health guidelines. (As you can see the tables are currently nestled fairly closely together.) That said, it’s probably a wonderful choice for dining when the Central Florida weather is cooler during certain months.

After passing through the outdoor seating and once inside the main “store,” guests are slapped in the face by cases and cases of delicious pastries and baked goods. Like, seriously – you’ll be drooling before you even reach the front to place an order.

See what we mean? 😏

The set-up for ordering food at Rosallie is walk-up style, so guests grab a menu, determine what they want, wait in line and then place the order with a cashier. Once placed and paid you’ll receive an order number to place on your table.

The inside of Rosallie is quite quaint, cute, and charming. If you decide to check it out and dine inside, be sure to explore all the way to the back of the interior where there’s a living room style place for eating and chilling.

(Main dining area at Rosallie.)

So once you’ve placed your order and found a place to sit you obviously simply wait for your food to be delivered. It comes out to the table on a “when it’s ready” schedule so just make sure you and your party are aware of this.

You’ve been waiting for the food all this time, haven’t you. The menu at Rosallie is actually quite interesting and fairly extensive. Of course you’ll find many (what we would consider) standard French plates such as quiches and croissants on the “Brunch All Day” section of the menu. In fact, thats exactly what one of our dining companions went with: QUICHE CHΓ‰VRE. While were not really fans of cooked spinach, the recipient of this beautifully colored dish said everything was incredibly delicious. And it was accompanied by some oats, yogurt, and fresh fruit.

Sauteed Spinach, Roma Tomato, and Fresh Goat Cheese and our Salad. Vegetarian Option.)

How amazing does that all look?!

At the moment of ordering our eyes were most definitely bigger than our stomach, and…well, this just goes to show it:

The Homemade Brioche French Toast is a loooooooohhhhht of food. But every bit of it (at least every bit we ate) was amazing. The main course is slices of butter homemade brioche with homemade whipped cream and maple syrup. And it also comes with a side of eggs–prepared your way–and hardwood smoked bacon. We can actually taste it right now floating from they keys through our fingers to our mouth. insert drool emoji That said – we have to reiterate just how much food it actually was!

Of course these brunch items aren’t the only things Rosallie offers. There are also sandwiches and salads available, as well as cheese plates if that’s your thing. Of course, there’re also all of those amazing pastries we highlighted earlier. To wash down all of this amazing food the menu offers some classic French “adult beverages,” and an assortment of coffees and teas.

All-in-all we’d have to say it was definitely worth the time to pop into Rosallies, and wed certainly be down to give it another try and order something completely different off the menu. And if you wear a beret on your visit you might just receive something a little special. Actually, that’s not true at all – we just always really enjoy seeing someone wear a beret!

Location deets:

Rosallie Le French Cafe
141 W. Plant Street
Winter Garden, FL 34787

What do you think? Have you ever been to dine at Rosallie Le French Cafe?

Oh, and hey – just so you know Rosallie also has a location in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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