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They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And we recently experienced a place you’re very likely to find both.

Trader Mae’s in Apopka is a gem (in our opinion). A pure gem. Is it a hidden gem? Not quite sure but a friend of ours recently introduced us to this local Apopka business by way of a two-hour visit.

Trader Mae’s is a shopping adventure, to say the least – 100 unique shops offering its visitors everything from big ticket items like couches, armoires, dining tables and hutches to dishes, paintings, collectibles, and trinkets. It truly is a maize and one could get stuck looking around for hours. And hours and hours and hours. In fact, on our recent visit we were on-site for a little over two hours and seriously felt exhausted.

So what exactly is Trader Mae’s? Think of it as a collective flea market featuring various vendors specializing in various areas. Each “vendor” is its own shop, and has its own flair. Something quite similar to The Lovely Boutique in Audubon Park if you’ve ever visited. If clutter and (sometimes) confined spaces are not your thing then you might consider just keeping away. But if this is something that really floats your boat you’ll probably have a zinger of a time!

Trader Mae’s sits on a large piece of land and consists of two separate buildings – one much larger than the other (when entering onto the property the building on the right is the larger).

Trader Mae’s has been featured on Good Day Orlando & listed in Orlando Magazine as a favorite place to shop.

Now let’s take a peek inside:

One thing to note before you start planning your visit to Trader Mae’s: They are closed for business on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Location deets:

Trader Mae’s
2001 Rock Springs Road
Apopka, FL 32712

Have you ever ventured out to Trader Mae’s in Apopka?

3 thoughts on “Trader Maes Furniture & Decor Market in Apopka

  1. It’s always cool to see people spreading the word about our trendy cool market and we really appreciate you coming by! With over 100 shops, there’s something for everyone … follow us on Facebook to view lots of photos and cool upcoming events! We’re definitely worth the short drive ❤️

    1. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave some thoughts, TM! Definitely one of our favorite places to visit and we’ll be by again sometime very soon.

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