Pizzeria Del-Dio Italian Restaurant Near Colonialtown

Pizzeria Del-Dio Italian Restaurant exterior.

If you’ve followed this little ole blog for any given amount of time you’re bound to already know we absolutely love pizza, and are always eager to find and discover new places. Particularly if they’re local or family-owned businesses. Lord knows there are plenty of them hanging around and hiding out.

With that, we’ve passed Pizeria Del-Dio more times than we can even count, and on just as many occasions have wanted to pop in and try a pie. For some reason the idea always escapes just as quickly as it comes. But sometime recently while out-and-about doing a little shopping the thought stuck and we decided to go ahead and give it a go.

But first, this little family-owned eatery that originated in Brooklyn, New York, is situated on the very end of a shopping strip just across from the Orlando Fashion Square Mall, staring directly at the Orlando Executive Airport. Can you place it? Like us, you’ve probably passed it a gazillion times and have never even realized it was there.

Because Pizzeria Del-Dio has been recognized multiple times by local critics for having the best pizza around (January 2015 honored for the second straight year as “Critics Choice” for pizza in the Orlando Sentinel’s Foodie Awards; in November 1995, Scott Joseph of the Orlando Sentinel recognized Casa Del-Dio as one of the best pizzerias), we had really high hopes for this little joint. But are sorry to report we were really let down. The pizza, unfortunately, just fell short of some of the other more notable places in the Central Florida area. Now, we have to say it wasn’t the absolute worst pizza we’ve ever had, but really is low on the list. (Side note: We have to give mad props to them for actually owning the url BestPizzaOrlando.com as their official website.)

We ordered a split pie, half-pepperoni and half-cheese. Pretty basic – yeah, but that’s just how we roll. Since was a take-out, we stopped in to place our order at the front counter. The inside/dining room is actually quite cute, very quaint.

Pizzeria Del-Dio interior.

Now like stated earlier, the pizza wasn’t the worst we’ve ever had. And obviously this sorta stuff is very subjective. But it just didn’t seem the pie had much flavor – not a ton of sauce (we really like our pizza with heavy sauce; noted for next time), and the pepperoni didn’t have a lot of taste.

Now please don’t think we’re being haters. We simply like to report on and share our very own experiences. That said, we are always, always, always open to trying places a second time if the first doesn’t quite measure up to our expectations. So we’ll definitely be paying another visit to Pizzeria Del-Dio again sometime soon – perhaps to try one of the pasta entrees or Italian dinners.

In addition to traditional pizza, this joint has all the other things one would expect from a little Italian place: Mozzarella sticks, garlic knots, hot subs, calzones & Stromboli, spaghetti, chicken parmigiana, and more. Check out the full Pizzaria Del-Dad menu (and below). PRO TIP: There is limited delivery available to Baldwin Park, Audubon Park, Colonialtown, Thornton Park, and surrounding areas.

Pizzeria Del-Dio menu.

Location deets:

Pizzeria Del-Dio Italian Restaurant
3210 E. Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL. 32803


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