Brooklyn Water Bagel is a Memorable Bagel Experience

Brooklyn Water Bagel front entrance.

We’ve been wanting to check out Brooklyn Water Bagel for quite some time now. While we don’t live in the area where the one in Winter Park we’re familiar with is located (there are two here in Central Florida), we are nearby several times during the week. So this past weekend we decided to stop by and see what everything is all about at this place. Now the Brooklyn Water Bagel in Winter Park is tucked into the very far corner of a strip mall shopping center, just a few doors down from Publix on the corner of University Blvd. and North Goldenrod.

It can be identified by a very noticeable sign suspended by wood beams, and a (usually) very steady flow of folks both entering and exiting the space. Obviously with everything going on with Covid19 for the past few months businesses are uber-sensitive about health concerns and keeping patrons within acceptable distances of one another. Brooklyn Water Bagel is certainly no exception. As you can see the interior of the establishment is quite small; in fact, they have absolutely no in-room dining options at all regardless of Coronavirus concerns or not). They do, however, have a very, very large courtyard just adjacent to the store, where to-go items may be picked up, or outdoor dining is available.

PRO TIP: At least for the Winter Park location, try to avoid going to grab some food during “prime hours” on a Saturday. It might just save you a little frustration. We visited about 10:30am on a Saturday morning, and waited well over 20 minutes for our order (just one little ole bagel.)

Brooklyn Water Bagels interior and menu boards, Winter Park.


Ok – so now let’s get down to what we’re really here for. Once guests have entered what we’ve already described as the rather small interior of the shop, they can select their order from a variety of thought out menu boards. In addition to the bagels they’re so obviously well known for (i.e., “breakfast all day”) Brooklyn Water Bagel offers lunch items such as wraps, reubens, and melts (served with a pickle and chips; an upgrade option to hashbrowns) along with plain bagels and baked goods.

Sampling of baked goods available at Brooklyn Water Bagel.


After studying the menu for quite some time (hello – it’s not that extensive!) we decided to give the “Brooklyn” a try. Fairly simple, standard yet hearty:

  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Ham and American Cheese
  • Toasted Plain Bagel

Sounds pretty basic, right? Well, on paper it is, for sure, and once it’s in your mouth it is far from basic. This is seriously one of the most delicious bagel sandwiches we’ve ever had. Everything about it is perfect – from the flavor of the meat, the freshness of the bagel, the way the egg is cooked. It really was worth the wait (as briefly talked about earlier). And quite hearty as well. Now, we love to eat – let that be no secret (all you have to do is spend a little time here). But this bagel is huge and half was just enough for the time being; the rest was saved for an afternoon snack. Definitely worth the money, and we’ve got a few other items on the menu eyed for the next visit – namely “The Chorizo.”

Brooklyn bagel.


Aside from the food of its namesake, we’d heard one of the really cool things about this place are the “coffee cubes” customers are served when they order iced coffee. Makes perfect sense, and quite honestly we’ve never been anywhere that does this.

Coffee “ice cubes” so coffee doesn’t get watered down.


There are a couple of Brooklyn Water Bagel locations here in the Central Florida area:

Location deets:

Lake Mary
3801 Lake Mary Blvd., Unit 139
Lake Mary, FL

Winter Park
4026 North Goldenrod Road,
Winter Park, FL 32792

What do you think? Wanna check out a Brooklyn Water Bagel location at some point? And if you ever have we’d love to hear about your own experience. Feel free to share in the comments ⤵️.


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