Pizza Bruno is Literally Pizza Heaven (Right Here in Central Florida)

You might recall we recently talked specifically about the fact we’ve never highlighted Pizza Bruno here on the sight despite it being one of our very favorite places to eat in Central Florida. Well, drum roll please: HERE IT IS!

Honestly, anytime we’re having a conversation about food with someone and Pizza Bruno comes up, and they haven’t heard of them, we’re shocked. It just seems logical every single citizen from Lakeland to New Smyrna and in between has either heard of or been to Pizza Bruno. This is certainly not the case, apparently. In fact, there’s probably only a small group of folks who have ever even heard of it let alone can say where it is or that they’ve been. Anyway…hopefully we can help spread the word along and get that reach a little further.

So one of our very favorite items on the menu is a pizza called X. The starring factor of this pie is there is honey drizzled all over it. Probably something that’s not new or innovative, but prior to trying Pizza Bruno for the very first time a few years ago we’d never experienced anything like it.

A couple of “musts” when headed to PB:

Garlic knots. Are they sinful? Probably. Are they the best on the planet? Probably not. Are they something you have to try at least once? Most definitely.
Kale salad. “Kale salad? At a pizza joint?” you’re asking while likely scratching your head.

Pizza Bruno offers dinner and apparently soon-to-be-brunch (according to the Pizza Bruno website). Be sure to look over both, but just be forewarned: Drooling is a likelihood.

Location deets:

Pizza Bruno
3990 Curry Ford Road 32806
Orlando, FL 32806

FUN FACT: Pizza Bruno does not normally have a telephone. They recently established a line when all of the local businesses started shutting down to the Coronavirus. Prior, if you wanted to get additional information about the place or make a reservation – you couldn’t. You’d just have to show up and put your name in line. Not sure if things will go back to this once things “return to normal” here in Orlando. We’ll see.


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