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People Witness Masked Screams at a Local Orlando Theme Park

A couple of days ago we learned SeaWorld had started testing one of its premier attractions with riders wearing masks. It was a fast, thrilling roller coaster, no less: Mako. We (collectively as a society) kinda new this kinda thing was on its way but to actually hear about and see people riding a ride while wearing masks – well, it’s just a bit surreal.

As recently as yesterday SeaWorld’s only announcement to re-open its Orlando park is “sometime in June.” While some of the area’s other theme parks have announced their plans to open the first part of the month.

Should we be prepared to accept this will be the way to experience theme parks and thrill rides in this “new” climate we’re in? Will this ultimately put a damper on the potential fun to be had? Would love to hear your thoughts.





What are your thoughts on this topic?

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