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Topgolf has been in Orlando for several years now but we’ve only gotten around to checking it out recently – a couple of months ago, prior to its temporary closing due to the circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus. But we’ve enjoyed seeing all the photos, videos, Boomerangs and TikToks folks have been sharing since it initially opened. So, when the time came for us to join a group of friends for a Saturday night out at Topgolf we jumped at the opportunity.

Man takes photo outside of Topgolf near Universal Orlando in Orlando, Florida.

Located on the south end of Universal Boulevard essentially right across the street from the Orange County Convention Center, Topgolf sits adjacent to the Andretti Indoor Karting & Games. There’s more than adequate parking, and if you head out on an evening where there are lots of folks with the same brilliant idea as you (as was the case the night we went), the filled-up lot might be a tad overwhelming. Don’t let it.

Once arriving at the venue you’ll note it is multi-level. Each looks a little different but all have plenty of seating, lots and lots of televisions filled with live sports events and the latest news, and of course – bars. Our group ended up being assigned to a few “bays” right near the large bar on the main level.


When it comes to the playing options at Topgolf there’s plenty to choose from. And don’t worry – no golf experience is necessary to have a good time (trust us). We won’t list all of the game options because there are about 13; you can read all about them on the Topgolf website. But one of the things that might first come to mind is how does it all work? Well, the golf balls provided to each of the players are micro-chipped, and once hit the data is sent back to a score screen displayed within each bay. The accuracy and distance are reported back to each player.



The concept of the “bays” – which were already alluded to of how the place is arranged – is pretty cool. If you’ve ever been on Soarin’ (now Soarin’ Around the World) at EPCOT and you know how when seated on the attraction you can see the feet dangling of all the other guests – that’s a little like what happens here. There are several levels of other folks who are golfing, eating, and drinking just like you.

Aside from the fun to be had just playing–or even watching–the games, can we also say their food is quite delicious. Seriously! Of course, we knew during the couple of hours we were going to spend here we’d grab some drinks and snacks, but we weren’t quite expecting the Topgolf menu to be both so robust and tasty. They offer the “typical” bar food like wings and flatbreads, but there are also some more adventurous items like macaroni bites, hummus, stromboli, veggie/black bean burgers, and a spinach and goat cheese salad.

Check it out:


We landed on the lettuce wraps and tacos, and snuck in a few bites of the quesadillas and chicken & waffles from some of the folks in our group. All great choices if we do say so!

Side note (and something the folks at Topgolf probably wouldn’t want us sharing): During our visit all of the power went out at the entire facility, and remained off for at least a half hour before we made the decision leave. We actually ended up not having to pay for the games we played but we made sure and left our server a big, big, big tip.


Pretty crazy, eh?

Location deets:
9295 Universal Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32819

In addition to the location here in Orlando there are several other locations in the state of Florida: Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, and soon-to-be Lake Mary. There are also Topgolf’s spread throughout the United States if you happen to live elsewhere or would like to check out another location if you’re ever traveling.

Have you had a chance to check out Topgolf in Orlando yet? What was your experience like?


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