Help Save Orlando’s Local Businesses and Restaurants One T-shirt at a Time

We received an email a couple of days ago with the subject of “Help Save Orlando’s Local Businesses and Restaurants.” So, you bet with a tease like that we were certainly quick to jump on in and find out what it was about. Must say it got us really, really excited.

Orlando Merch Store T-shirt Store

First of all, we love t-shirts. T-shirts that are serious, memorable, retro, but most often funny. And if they’re centered around Orlando and Central Florida (shout-out to Orlando Shirts and Swan City Orlando!) then even better. Second, we’ve never heard of Impress Ink (sorry) prior to now so we did a little bit of research and were happy to uncover some interesting things about the Orlando Merch Store roots and meaning via an Orlando Weekly article. Mainly the initiative was started by Impress Ink owner and UCF Alumni Mark Cho.

Obviously we’re all aware businesses are struggling right now – large and small alike. But we’ve watched so many wonderful small businesses come onto the scene in the past few years and grow and flourish, so we definitely don’t want to see any of them go away as this global pandemic affects us all.

Impress Ink gives us Orlando Merch, a site dedicated to all kindsa things local. And right now there’s a push to really help support all of these local businesses we just mentioned by offering a big chunk of change for all the proceeds made from shirt purchases. In fact, $10 for each shirt sold will go directly to the business. As an added bonus, $2 will go to Second Harvest Food Bank (we’re big supporters).

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 5.43.29 PM

So what kind of merch are they offering? There are a ton of shirts featured on the Orlando Merch website. Like TONS. But we pulled some of our favorites here for you to check out:

In addition to these you’ll find tees for local favorites like bars & clubs, cafes & bakeries, restaurants & breweries, and Tasty Takeover.

If you like what you see you can order your own tee (we’ve got our eyes on a few). And you can also follow Impress Ink on Facebook and Instagram to see what they’re constantly up to. By the way – we’re not affiliates and in no way earn any money off of promoting these. We just really like them and want to see our favorite small businesses thrive!

Which shirts are you interested in?


What are your thoughts on this topic?

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