Additional I-4 Ultimate Accelerated Work Scheduled May 13–18 in Downtown Orlando

If you’ve been keeping up at all you might recall Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ fairly recent directive to accelerate the I-4 Ultimate project during this Coronavirus pandemic we’re still in the middle of. The idea is while there is reduced traffic on many of Central Florida’s roads, this ever-expanding project of ever-expanding I-4 deserves some extra attention. It’s an interesting and pretty logical idea, don’t you think? Now we don’t (thankfully) have to drive on the Interstate that much to begin with but we do live near it, and it seems over the past couple of months traffic has most definitely noticeably decreased.

“Beginning as soon as 9 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday, May 13) through Monday, May 18, westbound I-4 will be reduced to one lane between Princeton Street and Gore Street while crews work to shift traffic to the new westbound general use lanes. To accomplish this, extensive closures will be required through downtown Orlando. Drivers are encouraged to seek alternate routes or consider SunRail as a travel option to avoid delays while shifts are implemented.”

Closures occur on Orlando's big I-4 Ultimate project during the week of May 13-18.

That’s one of the most interesting(?) parts of this accelerated effort – having only one lane open and operational on one of the main roads directly through the downtown Orlando area. YIKES!

For a complete list of scheduled closures, detours, and alternate routes, you can download or view some informational handouts that have been put together by the Florida Department of Transportation.

What are your thoughts not only on this entire project, but this aggressive “accelerated” effort?

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What are your thoughts on this topic?

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