Favorite Places To Catch Some Fish in Central Florida

Did you know there are more than 30,000 lakes in the state of Florida? And in the Central Florida area alone there are more than 100. That’s a whole lotta water, a whole lotta creatures, and a heckuva a lot of fishing opportunities.

Now we’re not too big on the fishin’ ourselves. Well, not since we were younger and happen to snag our cousin in the neck with a hook when we were casting a line. OUCH! But we can appreciate the sport for the tranquility, relaxation…and beer that goes along with it.

(Photo courtesy of @pilotmefishing on Instagram.)

Fishing enthusiasts appreciate the lakes for freshwater catches including bass, blue bream, shellcrackers, black crappie, redear sunfish, stripers, speckled perch and catfish. There are more than 250 species of freshwater fish in Florida lakes, most of them edible. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission estimates that more than 74,000 people fish Polk County lakes each year.*

Like mentioned above there are countless lakes in the Central Florida area where folks can fish – Lake Killarney, Lake Virginia, Lake Conway, Lake Ivanhoe, and Lake Kissimmee to name just a handful. But there are so, so, so many others. If you’re big into fishing, what are some of your most favorite lakes in the area to catch some?

*source: Orlando Sentinel


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