Favorite Bike Trails in Central Florida

There are a ton of bike trails and roads in Central Florida for biking enthusiasts. And right now when hitting the trails for a brisk walk or bike – within safe distance, of course – is one of the only ways we residents can get out and get some fresh air, these trails are somewhat of a saving grace.

(Photo via @joeltriguy on Instagram.)

We found a great resource in Bike/Walk Central Florida that lists all of the bike trails in the area. There are the ones that are most well-known, but there are also some “hidden gems” you may not have known even existed. One of the things were really like about how this website is laid out is the bike trails are segmented out by county (with accompanying downloadable maps), and there are also sections that highlight local cycling groups and clubs. If there’s ever anything you ever wanted to know as it relates to biking in Central Florida – this is the place (or at least the best we’ve seen).

Here are a few additional places to find information on Central Florida biking (may have some overlapping content):

🚴 Bike Florida
🚴 City of Orlando
🚴 ClickOrlando.com
🚴 Orange Cycle
🚴 Orlando Sentinel

So now that you’ve breezed through all of this, tell us – what are some of your favorite places to get out and bike in the area? Feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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What are your thoughts on this topic?

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