Virtually Visit Ripley’s Odditorium & Aquariums While Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Is Temporarily Closed

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! here in Orlando is a pretty cool place. No, really! We experienced it for the very first time over a decade ago and were pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it is. You know – because quite often we locals think most things located on International Drive are going to have a bit of a cheesy element. And this does to be quite frank, but it’s also both educational and fun for guests of all ages.

As with most businesses in the Central Florida area at the moment, Ripley’s is currently closed to the public. In fact, they were the very first businesses on I-Drive to do so; no re-opening date has been announced. That said, they are getting very creative with ways they can still appeal to and offer content for consumers to bring into the home. It’s pretty interesting, actually. And if you’re not familiar with Ripley’s as a brand, they have several locations throughout the United States, and this is an opportunity for those of us here in Orlando to take a trip to those without ever even going anywhere. While many parents and families are “stuck at home ” with one another, Ripley’s is offering engaging and educational content as well as virtual access to their attractions for their parks.

People can visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Outside the Odditorium and Aquarium live and online – directly from the comfort of their own home.

Adventures await through the virtual Odditorium – where attendees can learn all about the strange and unusual with Ripley researchers, editors, and artists–featuring live exhibit highlights, Q&As, drawing tutorials, downloadable activities, lessons, and crafts for all ages.

The virtual Aquarium features amazing animals via Live Facebook events hosted by Aquarium staff educators who guide viewers through animal feedings, close encounters, story time, and much more. You can even watch sharks swim by at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada (which we’re just fine to do because we haaaaaaate sharks!) or waddle about with Ripley’s Penguins in Myrtle Beach and Gatlinburg — all without even having to dip your toes in an ounce of water. Pretty cool, eh? We don’t have these experiences at the Orlando attraction.

Ripley’s Outside the Odditorium


(Photo courtesy of Ripleys.com.)

Here’s a little more about the attractions:

Ripley’s Aquariums


(Photo courtesy of RipleyAquariums.com.)


Here’s a little more about the attractions:

Think you or someone in your household would be interested in tuning in? If so, we’d love to hear all about it.

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