The Sweet Blessings Food Truck Experience

img_5571We were recently in the Mt. Dora area and decided to stop by the famous Renninger’s Florida Twin Markets (more on that later). Y’all – if you’ve never been before it’s a real treat. But we were terribly hungry so we actually ended up spending more time searching for something to eat rather than looking around at all the vendors. Not too long after we arrived and park we landed at Sweet Blessings food truck.

Was it sweet? More like cute. And a blessing? Well, as mentioned earlier we were hungry so really anything at the moment would’ve been a savior, so in that sense it could probably be considered a blessing. But it was kind of a letdown, too.

Now, we never ever ever want to diminish anyone’s business or what they’re doing by putting themselves out there. That being said, what we saw on the menu and what was actually delivered to us was…well, let’s just say it’s a good thing we don’t get easily frustrated.

The menu:


So the ham and turkey sounded quite appealing. Pretty basic but reliable and does the trick, right? Now we were thinking we’d sink our teeth into that delicious looking sandwich featured right there in the middle. Yummy hoagie bun with some swiss cheese melted on top of the meat, dripping over the sides. Hmmm – that’s not exactly how things turned out.

The actual sandwich:


Not really the same thing, is it? Perhaps it was just an off day and the owner had to run over to the nearest Publix for some replenishments? Regardless, we ate it and enjoyed it.

The truck also offered some “extras” like hot dogs, arepas, nachos, and a mexican bowl. There were cupcakes, too (that looked awfully similar to Blue Bird Bake Shop). We did not try any of these other things.

In doing some research for this post we couldn’t find anything on Sweet Blessings (the handles posted on the truck are dead), and are wondering if they might’ve already shut down since our recent visit? Have you ever heard of or seen this truck around the Central Florida area?


What are your thoughts on this topic?

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