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It’s hard to believe all these years Pizza Bruno has been open and we’ve yet to give them any love here on the blog. Most certainly one of our favorite local joints in the Central Florida area, definitely one of the best places to grab some pizza, and by far one of the coolest business owners around (we had the opportunity to share a wonderful dinner with him a couple years back). That feature will come soon, we promise. But in the meantime….

This here is about Bagel Bruno, a relatively new venture started by said cool business owner, specializing in – you guessed it – bagels. Bagel Bruno opened late last year in the College Park spot previously occupied by Hubbly Bubbly Falafel Shop (there’s also a location in Altamonte). It is a co-shared space with Foxtail Coffee, so if you need to grab some java with your bagel you’re all set.

If you’re not terribly familiar with the College Park neighborhood or can’t yet seem to place exactly where this spot is, Bagel Bruno is essentially positioned diagonally from Edgewater High School and on the same side of the street as X golf course. It’s not very hard to miss.


The parking lot is fairly small, so if there’s no parking available when one arrives there is parking on the street out front and nearby.

One of the great things about this particular spot is the outdoor seating. Perfect to enjoy the weather during some of the nicer months here in the area.


Once inside, there’s a wide presentation of bagels, coffees, etc, and some additional seating. Check out how cute it is:

Ok – now let’s get to the part everyone wants to know about. The food. The bagels. The yumminess. They did not disappoint. Now we’ll say there’s not a whole bunch to choose from when it comes to the Bagel Bruno menu but everything looks so dang good it’s difficult to make a decision. On our recent visit we decided to go with something fairly basic: The “Smokey.” An everything bagel(our choice), with egg, cheese and grilled onions. Now normally we’re not huge, huge salmon fans. Or even fish, for that matter. But this salmon wasn’t too overly potent, and had a delicious subtle flavor that complemented the other ingredients perfectly.

A couple of things to keep in mind before heading over to Bagel Bruno to try something out:

  • Their menu is updated seasonally but they do have some basic core items throughout the year. We’d recommend checking their online menu or giving them a call if you see something specific you’d like to give a try.
  • They’re open for lunch in addition to breakfast. Of course hours can change at any given time (like right now while so many businesses are closed or only open for take-out/curbside service). Like mentioned above with the menu, give their website or give the restaurant a call before heading over.

Location deets:

Bagel Bruno
3405 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804

What do you think? Have you either had an opportunity to check out Bagel Bruno, or are you interested?


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