Favorite Dinner Spots in Altamonte Springs

We recently threw up (ok – perhaps an ill-unintended pun here) a post asking folks what some of their favorite places in downtown Orlando are for a quick lunch. The feedback was pretty decent, and people seem to have some pretty strong opinions about the places they like and recommend. So we thought it’d be a fun idea to branch out and see where and what people enjoy in other areas of Central Florida…and for what meals.

We’re moving on up from downtown Orlando to nearby Altamonte Springs. Now, candidly, we don’t really spend much time in that part of Central Florida and have little knowledge of some of the delicious food we just know is waiting there. So we want to hear from you about some of your favorite places to grab a nice meal for dinner in the Altamonte area. It can be quick, a nice sit-down service, any sort of niche of food – the table is wide open!

While we didn’t receive a ton of feedback from our Tweet about this, one very strong voice rose to the surface with a recommendation to check out Zaza New Cuban Diner. Have you ever heard of this place? It’s just south of the 434/436 intersection, and the Palomilla Steak and Pan con Lechรณn come highly recommended.

What say you? Do you have some favorite “go-to” spots in the Altamonte area for a delicious dinner? What would you include on a comprehensive list?



What are your thoughts on this topic?

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