Catch Culinary Fire at Blaze Pizza

a02418d6-4272-42e8-a67b-f4570fba0983Blaze Pizza is not new to the Central Florida area. You probably already know that, and if you don’t – well, now you’ll know all about Blaze Pizza.

The very first time I’d ever heard about Blaze was a little less than two years ago, and co-worker of mine at the time kept talking about this delicious pizza place located at Disney Springs. And then a friend of mine brought it up shortly after. And I thought, Disney Springs is so far and can be quite the…well, experience, sometimes, so I suppose one day I’ll get out there to give it a try. Well, I’ve been to Disney Springs a few times since and still haven’t been to the Blaze Pizza located there.

That said, I did discover the store/location in Winter Park and have been there on multiple occasions. Now I’ll say Blaze doesn’t have the absolute best pizza on the planet (still trying to track that down…although there are one or two places here in Central Florida that might be in the running).


The dine-in experience at Blaze isn’t the most impressive. I’ve never actually eaten in the restaurant and have always ordered there and taken it home. The dining room is fairly basic, but I like the open kitchen/wood burning stove concept, and being able to customize your pie while working with the person creating it (if you’re not into that there is a menu you can select from).

(Image courtesy of @lancescurv on Instagram.)

Here’s a taste of waits for you at Blaze, courtesy of some of our Instafriends who have been there as well:

Location deets:

Blaze Pizza
501 Orlando Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

As previous mentioned there is a location at Disney Springs and also by UCF. They also have locations all throughout the United States and internationally as well.

Have you ever eaten at or gotten food from Blaze Pizza?

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